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(disclaimer- first couple chapters gonna be wack until she meets brandon 😔)


i roll my eyes at my recent text and dial the local dominos number

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i roll my eyes at my recent text and dial the local dominos number.

"dominos pizzeria how may i take your order ?"

"can i get a cheese pie and a 2 liter pepsi for delivery" i order and about 7 minutes later i heard a knock on the door

"one cheese pie and a 2 liter pepsi correct ?" the delivery boy asks and i nod, handing him cyrus's credit card
"have a good day" he smiles and i close the door

i open the box and realize i ordered the wrong pie and bang my head against the wall.

i know how cyrus gets when i mess shit up like this so i just mentally prepare myself for when he gets back.

on cue i hear the sound of his keys unlocking the door and his heavy footsteps creeping in.

"vicki, why am i looking at a cheese pie" he calls and i slowly walk into the kitchen

"i'm so sorry babe, i forgot you told me a pepperoni one and by the time i remembered was after i already paid for it" i explain and he turns his head towards where i stood

"your kidding me right ? i know your fucking playing with me vic" he complains

"baby i'm sorry i for-"

"stop apologizing victoria" "you know i'm getting really sick of your shit, i work everyday, i wake up at 5am every morning to pay for all your shit, i give you everything you want, you don't do anything all day besides house things and you still manage to stress me out" "i give you everything" he says through his teeth and approaches me slowly

"i know cy, i know you do and i appreciate you for that, but money doesn't by happiness ! and i'm getting sick of your shit, your my boyfriend not my father and i do nothing but listen to you like a kid, while you feed me your lies, call me out my name, and constantly put your hands on me !" i yell in his face, this time not caring what he would do after

"you live under my roof, sleep on a bed that i bought, wear clothes that i bought you, and text on a phone that i paid for and pay for, so for you to act like if you do something for me here is crazy" he laughs

"i don't care what you pay for cyrus ! you could've left me in the stress but you chose to let me live with you for that i might as well live in the streets, better than staying with your punk ass" i rant and he wraps his hand around my throat, choking me

"i don't know what or who gave you the balls to step up to me, but let that be that last time you try that shit, because the next time you talk to me with some bass in your voice, it'll be the last time you'll open your mouth" he stares into my eyes for a second before letting go of his grip

a/n- this was short but i just wanna say that domestic violence is in no shape or form of a joke and i just wanted to address that because there will be a lot of jokes and stuff going on in this because it's for entertainment purposes only and i don't want anyone getting the wrong impression of me or getting triggered by the topic ❤️

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