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two weeks later

Like normal, the fight had blown over and we were all on the normal talking terms

My family couldn't stay fighting for longer than two days

We may not like each other- but we're still family, and we know that.

Tonight Macey and I are babysitting Brantley while the guys and my mom went out for dinner.

They needed adult time- and time away from Macey- which I understood.

Macey, Brantley and I sat on the floor, planning what to eat.

We ended up ordering pizza, watching Brantley play a video game while we waited.

Soon the pizza got here, Macey paid and brought it to my kitchen, where she helped me up, us both laughing throughout it.

We fed Brantley- not exactly wanting to eat yet we both sat in my living room, talking- which wasn't horrible

We hadn't done it in forever

"Remember when we first met the guys?" She smiled, making me immediately smile

"Mom got drunk on wine and we had to spend the night at their house- we slept in Luke's clothes" she laughed, making me laugh with her

"And the night mom went on that trip and the lights went out- we ran to Calum's room and slept in his bed" I laughed, making her smile, looking to me

"We used to be inseparable" she mumbled, grabbing my hand gently.

I felt a small pain in my belly before the baby moved a little- which I dismissed.

"We were" I exhaled

"Can we work on getting close again?" She asked

I missed my sister
I missed her from the day we started fighting

"I'd be okay with that"

We ended up going to the kitchen to eat.

"I'm tired Casey" Brantley spoke, rubbing his eyes tiredly

Just as I grabbed a piece of pizza, planning to bring him to my room- I felt a sudden urge to pee before I literally peed myself

Liquid ran down my legs, puddling on the floor making Macey and I look to each other

"Holy shit" I mumbled

"Casey- your water just broke" she spoke quickly

"My water just broke" I nodded in agreement- feeling a sudden cramp, it felt like period cramps but increased.

I dropped the pizza, grabbing the counter and my belly.

"Fucking call Ashton" I panicked.

I remembered my breathing- getting myself through the quick contraction before it was over

As I came up with a groan- I noticed a frantic Macey and a completely sobbing Brantley.

I took my leggings off, throwing on a random long shirt and some shorts, seeing Macey frantically run into my room, her phone on speaker

"Casey- have you had a contraction?" Ashton's voice spoke

"Just one" I spoke calmly, grabbing the hospital bag

I swore I was the only calm one

"Okay- meet us at the hospital, do not hang up on me."

I put Brantley in his car seat- getting in the passenger side, trusting Macey.

She put the flashers on, speeding.

"Do not wreck my fucking car" I spoke quickly- right before another contraction hit- this one hurting a bit more.

"Oh- holy- fu- freak" I spoke, remembering Brantley was here.

"Is that another contraction?" Ashton spoke quickly.

"I-I think" Macey spoke, Brantley immediately starting to cry again, but I couldn't tell him it was okay- because I wasn't even okay

"Jesus Christ- Ashton" I panicked

"Casey, remember your breathing."

I did my breathing, slamming my fist against the dash, praying it would end.

As it came to an end I exhaled, looking to Macey

"I think this might kill me"

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