Chapter 1. Download

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Y/N Pov, 3:45 Am, Generic Inc.

What's this? MalO? Hm, sounds weird. The man who had come up with such a confusing thought, to even himself, is named Y/N Strauss. Employee of the month Four times in a row, mind you.

Had been bored, he'd just finished a few things of paper work and turned them into his Manager, and was now surfing the app store, to find the one and only, MalO. Eh, what's the worst that could happen?

Timeskip, Y/N Pov, 6:52 am, Home.

It's been Three hours since I downloaded that pointless app, What'd it even do? The man thought to himself as he unlocked his front door, entering his house to be greeted by his Dog, Didds. "Hey, Boy! Were you good? Yes you were!" He'd roughly pet the top of the dogs head.

(Didds is a Border Collie)

Didds would bound around his owner barking happily for a few moments before sitting infront of him, and smiling. (Cutest thing ever.) "Your so fucking cute." He'd quickly mumble, after a while of playing with Didds.

He began walking up stairs, until he felt hid phone buzz in his pocket, taking it out, he noticed it was from an unknown number Probably Scammers. He opened it anyway, to see just a picture of his childhood home.

The house his father raised him in, after his mothers passing. He immeadatly sent a text "Who the hell is this?" No answer, he ignores it for now, and heads off to bed.

Next Morning, Y/N Pov, 2:15 Am, Generic Inc.

He had received multiple messages from the same number the next morning, most the pictures were, was places Y/N's been, his Highschool, collage, the local supermarket... But  the last he expected, was his work place.

The picture was recent, he could tell due to the 3rd and 5th floor lights being on, and not many others. He'd begin to slightly panic, he decided to clock out early, telling a few of his co-workers and manger, he didn't feel to well.

He headed home swiftly, just wanting to get away from his new found stalker.

Entering his home, Didds greeted him, and he did his daily routine, trying to forget about the last picture he had gotten, just as he was about to get in the shower before bed, his phone buzzed.

It was another picture, this time, it was his home, with a figure infront of it, it was humanoid, obviously it was female due to its Hour glass like body, it's face was of a dog skull, Someone's pranking me, right? He thought to himself quickly getting in the shower, then quickly getting out and dressed.

Am I going insane? He'd get infront of the mirror, staring at himself. He turned the sink on, and splashing water on his face, he quickly raised his head. Only to see IT, or HER behind him, he turned swiftly only to see nothing.

[BAM! Cliff Hanger!]

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