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That one comment caused a whole melt down

"Casey I know what's fucking best- why can't you just take my advice one time" she almost yelled

"I never said I wasn't going to take your advice" I spat out.

I saw Macey come down the stairs, of course she came because she heard yelling.

"Well you surely act like the minute you experience pain you're going to get the damn epidural" she spoke

"How about we let her make her own decisions" Luke chimed in.

"Casey- wouldn't you think mom knows best?" Macey laughed out quickly.

"Mom knows best over my own gynecologist?" I raised my eyebrow, making my mom roll her eyes.

"Casey, don't be a bitch- you asked for the advice, take it and don't complain" Macey spat out, making me laugh lightly

"I asked for advice, I didn't ask to get yelled at by my mom and sister because I may just choose something different." I spoke, standing and grabbing my bag.

"Leaving because you're being called out for what you're being- isn't that normal?" Macey laughed.

"Macey- go upstairs-" I cut Calum off

"Since when was any of this your fucking business anyway?" I laughed out

"I heard the yelling-" "but I never yelled your name, I never asked for your fucking opinion- you've never been through this Macey." I spat, causing the guys along with my mom to start standing .

"Oh bring up the damn abortion again why don't you?" She laughed

"No one said shit about your abortion until now" I laughed quickly, feeling Ashton touch me, trying to guide me out the door

"You know- there's a fucking reason why I want no one but these guys in the room when I'm delivering" I spoke, turning and grabbing the door knob

"Connect the dots, Macey" 

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