Chapter 2: A Circle of Secrets

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I roll my eyes, and scoot out of the booth. I left that cafe extremely frustrated with Jace, how dare he rile me up like that and not at least finish me off? I I had a few minutes before I had to show up to work, so I decided to try and walk off some of this frustration. I was playing with an idea in my head, but I had to be sure that I wanted to be dedicated to it. Jace has now turned this into a game I cannot lose. As I walk out of the diner, my phone rings and I look at the caller ID, Arienne.



"Yes, this is she, Arienne."

"Okay, just checking."

"How can I help you today?"

"I've got a client for you tonight."

"Okay, can you tell me now or do I need to come in for details?"

"Being that he's one of our high rollers, I'd like for you to come in to get the details. That way there aren't any fuck ups." She said rather snidely.

"Okay, I'm on my way." I hung up, knowing Arienne was a no nonsense woman.

I hailed a cab, and got in. I gave him the address, and I just prayed the traffic wouldn't make the trip seem like forever. About 30 minutes later, we arrive to an all glass skyscraper. I get out of the cab, and the foot traffic is insane. That was one of the downfalls of living in a major city like this, you literally had to fight to get to your destination if you were going against the flow of traffic.

I make sure I look presentable to Arienne before I even get to her. I check my reflection, and both my white A line dress, and my make up are in tact. No smudges from when Jace was practically fucking my face. I made sure I fixed it back at the diner. I turned around to make sure there were no stains on the skirt of my dress. Once I saw everything was okay, I got into the elevator, shaking off what little nerves I did have.

Say what you will about Arienne, but this woman knew how to run her business. Again she was a straightforward woman. Yes, she was polite most of the time to her employees, however, don't cross her because she comes for things you wouldn't even think of. I got off on the 15th floor, which was a basic open space, nothing too lavish. Maybe a few plants here and there. I walk straight to her office, and the door was closed, which meant you knocked. Normally she has one of her bodyguards standing watch outside her door; however, no one was there.

I knock on her door, and immediately, she answers, "Come in Xiomara!"

Shocked, and a little impressed with her clairvoyance, I opened her door. Now where as the open space was basic, her office was rather ornate. You could tell that she turned two offices into one. It was light and airy with a white, peach and rose color palette; she had a huge glass top desk. On the other side of her office is a nice ivory velvet chenille Victorian style loveseat. Catty cornered from the loveseat, is a smaller, more modern matching loveseat, with gold accents on the legs.

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