You deserve better

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So here I am on my way to Dre's house. Last time I talked to him was three days ago. Now I know I should be getting mad, but he stood me up yesterday when we was suppose to go out for the first time. Had me sitting in the movies watching that wack ass Chucky by myself.
I called his phone again and he didn't answer, so this will be considered a pop up I guess. Driving up to his house I noticed a beat down mini van in the drive way. I parked my car on the street and checked myself out before I got out the car.
I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. It didn't take long before I heard the unlocking of the door and when it opened there stood this white girl.

 "Can I help you"? She said with some attitude

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"Can I help you"? She said with some attitude.
"Yes I'm looking for Deondre"? I said .
She looked me up and down "who's looking for him"?
"Girl who are you"? She lifted his arm and inside her forearm was Deondre's name.
"I'm his baby momma little girl, so again I ask what do you want".
I pushed her aside like really pushed her and then yelled out for Deondre they was about to see the side of me my momma taught me. Ain't no nigga was going to play me not Reminisce Armoni...
"Girl did you just put your hands on me" I turned around and said with confidence "wassup you wanna fight bitch"?!
"Fight for a nigga I already got and will always have no, but I will beat yo ass for putting your hands on me".
I started to walk up to her "wassup then" when I felt a grip on my wrist.
"Woah... nobody is fighting Quasha take you ass upstairs with Emma". He didn't have to say that nothing, but one and she walked away giving me this look that I was giving back. When she was gone from view I snatched away from Dre.
       "You still fucking with your baby momma that's why you was ignoring me"?
He chuckled "relax ma you act like me and you together we chilled once".
"Wow, so she's the reason you stood me up last night"?
"No my daughter is I was spending time with her" as he talked I saw the hickeys and shit on his neck.
"You mad wack bruh fuck you and your wack ass baby momma her ugly ass van don't hit my line no more".
        "Damn if I knew you was going to act like that I wouldn't have fucked with your young ass" boy I just wanted to spit in this bitch ass niggas face, but instead I replied "boy fuck you bye".
I left his crib and was on my way home when this dumbass called my phone.  I didn't even bother to answer I just let the shit ring.

      Valencia stared a nigga down at the party she wasn't feeling me getting lap dances and shit from females . She could easy come dance on me, but she wouldn't because even though she was keeping tabs on me she was hugged up with Zay.
     The party eventually was getting wack and they had ran out of liquor, so after fucking a girl shit I don't know who she was on the side of the house I decided to leave.
"Why you tripping about me dancing with some bitch"! I heard Zay yell.
"Because that shit is embarrassing to me that's why"!
"Vee you so fucking insecure the shit is annoying for real"!
Valencia looked around seeing people watching even me.
"I wanna go home" she said sounding like she was about to cry.
Zay looked around and saw me "aye yo Rj you about to dip"?
       "Um... yea man" he chuckled and said .
"Got the pussy didn't you my boy but aye take my girl home please she's being a cry baby and I'm not done having fun".
Valencia looks at me with tears rolling down her face.
"Ight I'll get her home safe". I said .
Zay walked over literally pulling Valencia and dapped me up "my nigga . Aye bae text me when your settled in".
       This nigga was a fucking trip he didn't give a shit about Valencia and it was sad to see her go through this shit. She was to damn fine for this shit right here and even though I was a player myself if I had a loyal female like her I'd never fuck up or at least try my hardest not to.
        "He's going to fuck that girl tonight" she said out of the blue as I pulled away.
"Maybe I should fuck you" I chuckled and said "woah Wait your upset you don't mean shit you say, but you do deserve better ".
"Don't act like you don't wanna have sex with me". She said wiping her tears from her eyes.
"Valencia...Vee We're just cool alright friends I can't fuck my teammates girl".
She replied "but you want to". Ugh she got me there cause I definitely did.
       She sat back in the seat "just take me home".
"I am, but who's going to be there"? I asked, she turned and looked me in the eyes.
"Just me my mom and dad are on their anniversary trip and my siblings are with my grandmother".
I reached in my pocket do I even have another condom.
"And I got condoms..." oh shit she was serious... serious well let me get her home before she changed her mind.

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