Chapter Ten

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I sat in the parking lot of the Manhattan hotel just staring at the entrance. Was I really about to cheat on Marcus? In all my relationships, I'm the one who always stayed faithful but always be the one to get cheated on. EVERY TIME, it never fails. Which is why I got out the car and went in. My heels clicked against the tile floor as I headed to the elevator. Pressing the button for floor 19. The doors closed and I stood in silence until the elevator stopped.

The doors flew open and I stepped out looking from one end of the hall to the next. I started looking for the room number. When I found it, I stood at the door, inhaled one good time, covered the peep hole and knocked. The door slowly opened, I looked in the room before I entered. It was pitch dark, the only light that lit up the room was the street lights, I stepped in looking around. The door closed behind me and I spun around to see a naked Evan with his arms crossed behind the door.

"Umm, I knew you couldn't stay away."

He walked toward me. I was silent. He stood in front of me, close enough for our nose to touch. He spoke softly to me.

"I'm everything you need."

"He can't hold you like I can."

He wrapped his arms around me.

"He can't squeeze you like I can."

He squeezed by ass.

"He can't kiss you like I can."

He backed me onto the wall and kissed me passionately."

".. And He damn sure can't fuck you like I can!"

He ripped my trench coat off and it fell to the floor. He layed hungry kisses on my neck that drove me crazy. I closed my eyes and took in the sensation, squirming, biting my lip. He grabbed my leg and raised it, holding it at his waist.

He looked me in my eyes and layed a kiss on my lips. His tongue danced inside my mouth.


I wasn't sure if this was the right thing but I wasn't about to stop him now. I needed this..

Evan picked me up and my legs wrapped tight around his waist. He carried me over to the bed and layed me down. His hands eased up my leg and continued to my thigh. He unhooked my garner stockings and spread my legs. He massaged the inside of my thighs each time he came closed to my sweet spot. I squirmed in the bed. This man was making me feel like a virgin again. He was doing all the right things and he wasn't rushing it.

Evan hooked the crotch of my panties and pulled them aside, his long thick fingers parted my second lips, he stroked upward, wetting his fingers with my arousal before reaching the tight and needy bud of my clitoris. He rubbed the tip of his index fingers slowly in small circles against my clif. I gripped the sheets as I felt the sweet sensation run through my body.

"Damn Lauren, your so warm.. so wet."

I moaned as I got weak from his touch. I could feel Evan's breath on the bottom of my stomach. Before I could figure out why, I felt his tongue on my stomach. Evan traced small circles on my stomach. Each time he would finish he would give a long kiss where he stopped. I couldn't keep still and he knew it.

"Argh!" I cried. "Evan" I said through heavy breaths, "I'm so close."

Evan kissed the inside of my thighs. He removed his fingers and crawled up between my legs, kissing me on the lips, then he started sucking on my neck. I begged him to penetrate me. I didn't care if I sounded desperate, I just wanted to feel him inside of me.

Evan was clearly blessed with a package, not just impressive in length it was also thick. Evan positioned himself in between my legs. I could feel his hand reach down and grab his manhood, slowly making its entrance inside of me. I felt the swell of flesh and leaned my head back into the pillow as I released a groan of pleasure. My fingers stroked up the length of his arms before I wrapped them around his biceps.
"Hmm" I panted as my legs tightened around his waist. He inched a little further making my eyes pop from the feeling. He felt even bigger than he looked.

"Ugh" he groaned

I could feel Evan holding out and putting a leash on himself. I knew he was giving me just a taste but If we were going to do this, there was going to be no half stepping.
"I want you, I need you" I whispered gripping his arms roughly. "I want you deep inside of me."

"Lauren" he said.

"Please Evan, its okay.
That was he needed to hear,his hips drove forward in a sudden motion, burying himself deep inside of me.
"Argh" I cried out. A mixture of discomfort and intense pleasure rushed over me. Evan was so deep inside of me that I thought he might penetrate my stomach. I clung to his sweaty chest like my life depended on it.

"Yes! Oh God yes! Evan you feel so good"
"Oh!" He grunted
"Harder." I begged to him.
Evan slammed his hips into mine, sending his erection deeper than before.
"Oh yes!" I screamed finding an explosive pleasure that I never experienced before. Evan pumped in a rapid rhythm inside of me, each time going as deep as he could. Feeling a familiar tightness, I began to roll my hips, stimulating my clit against his pubic bone whenever it was against me.
"Evan" I screamed "yes, yes!" "Oh yes!" I yelped as I felt my climax like electricity shooting through me. I shooked and jerked beneath him.
"Oh shit, Lauren" he said moments later. His eyes were shut and his body stiffened for a mere second, holding a tense pose. His hips jerked against mine and he let out a shaky breath. His eyes slowly opened and his lower half continued to roll in slow circles inside of me causing my orgasm to roll on and on, less intense but still present.
Evan let the weight of his upper body press me into the mattress as he layed his head in the crook of my neck. I could feel his member soften, but he didn't pull it from me. I wasn't complaing either. I didnt want him to go anywhere.

There was nothing to be said after what had just happened. I layed under Evan trying to catch my breath while slipping in and out of sleep. I thought to myself ..

Well, they said if the sex was good, then it'll put you right to sleep.. but I've never went straight to sleep after Marcus and I had sex...

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