part 7

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Happy reading
Thank u so much for showing me it love.  After seeing u all ur messages I've decided I won't leave and will continue my stories.

Shavi.  Mumma today when seerat shouted on u. I didnt like it.  Shavi said wrapping his hand around anika's waist.

Ani. Shavi. She is a baby. So she didnt realise what was she saying.

Shavi.  But mumma she didnt do right thing with u. I'm also kid but I never shout on elders. I respect all of them.

Ani. I know my baby is a lovely  boy.  But baby try to understand she had seen her mumma so when I tried to shout on her mumma then she got angry on me like u got angry on her after seeing her shouting on me 

Shavi. Mumma

Ani.yes baby. She said planted kisses on his head.

Shavi. Mumma why I feel so good around shivaay uncle.

Ani. Matlb.

Shavi. Mumma when ever i go near him.  I feel weird I mean today when he was caring  me like his baby then I just felt like he is my daddy.  Even I was going to call him daddy. But stopped when I realised he is not my daddy. Mumma when daddy will come back. It's been 5 yrs. U r telling me he will come back. But till now he didn't come back. Mumma what was his name. What he used to do.  Has I look like him.

Ani. Baby mumma is sleepy so just sleep.  She said trying to divert his mind.

Shavi. Mumma tell na what is name of my daddy.  Where is he. Why u don't tell me about him.

Ani. Shut up shavi. How many times I told u to not ask me about ur father.  Just keep one thing in ur brain u have only mumma. U don't have any father.

Shavi Come out from the hug  and turned his face sobbing.

Ani. Janie she got teary eyes and back hugged him.

.ani. I'm sorry. I already have warned u to not ask me for ur daddy then why u get stuck on one thing.

Shavi didnt speak and dig his face in pillow.

Ani. I'm sorry but I can't bring ur father. I'm so sorry. She whispered and packed his cheek.

Shavi. Mumma he turned and wiped her tears.

Shavi. Shavi is also sorry. I  shouldn't ask u about my daddy again and again. I'm sure there would be some reason. I love u mumma

Ani. I love u too. She packed his nose and hugged him tightly.

In shivaay's room.

Seerat. Daddy I  wanna sleep with aunty.

Shiv. Don't be stubborn seerat. How many times I told u shavi is sleeping with her and three person cannot sleep on a single bed.

Seerat.  No I wanna sleep with her and that's it I dont wanna listen anything.

Shiv.  Seerat. Now u r behaving rude.  I said to u na u can't go in her room. Means u can't go.

Seerat. No I'll go. She sobbed and run out from the room.

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