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Steve had forgotten about her. And he felt terrible for it. The vision the Maximoff girl had given him just reminded him of that fact- that he had left Peggy Carter behind for a new life in the twenty first century. When was the last time he'd gone to see her?

He was wondering about it all then- Peggy, the war, the life he would have had if it weren't for the serum. But then, if it weren't for the serum, he would have been dead.

Peggy's voice still echoed in Steve's head as he sat on the Quinjet, surrounded by his shell shocked friends. Clint was flying them to a location that Steve neither knew nor cared about.

The war's over, Steve. We can go home.

Yes, the war was over. But there was no home left for him. It was hard think of anyone who cared about Steve like Peggy Carter did. Bucky, maybe, when they were kids. But now he didn't even know who Steve was.

Perhaps Sadie?

As if his thoughts had beckoned her, Steve's phone lit up with Isadora's name from the floor beside him. He let it ring, vibrating in sync with the engine of the jet as he stared at her photograph and wondered. Then the ringing stopped. And started again, from Natasha's phone.

"Pick it up," he told the red-haired agent beside him, the first words he'd spoken in an hour. Natasha just glared at him with an eyebrow raised, as if to call him a hypocrite. He was.

The ringing stopped again. Natasha absentmindedly made a couple clicks on the phone, and Sadie's short voicemail played. She sounded worried, and he knew Nat wouldn't call her back. And he knew Sadie wouldn't stop worrying. So, Steve dialled her number instead.

Talk to me, she'd told him, and he dismissed her. Steve felt awful about it, but it was something he had to do. What was he supposed to say? He'd let himself get too close to Isadora Moore over the past year, and it was nobody's fault but his own.

He thought back to his vision. To when Peggy had disappeared, and that hall was left empty, and Sadie was there, with a bleeding chest and toxic words on her lips. You did this. There had been camera flashes- between that empty room and blood, when he'd felt so afraid- to that party, where he'd held Peggy in his arms and felt all that optimistic love like he used to. Before that plane went in the ice.

Steve had never felt so disoriented. And his head hurt. He decided to sleep off the rest of the journey. When he woke up, he'd have to pull himself together.

See, Peggy was only ever wrong about one thing in her life. Steve's heart wasn't big enough for two. He had to leave Sadie Moore alone. Before it all got worse.


We can go home.

"Are you gonna come inside?" Sadie's voice caused Steve to finally snap out of thoughts as she joined him on the porch. Thor had just taken off to find 'answers' that Steve had no hope of finding for himself.

Arriving at Clint's home was arguably the most surprising thing to have happened that week. Seeing his colleague and friend surrounded by such love and joy warmed Steve's heart. For a moment. Until he remembered it was something he would never have for himself. And on top of all that, Sadie was there.

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