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(y/n pov)

You walked out of Starbucks's your drink in your hand as you crossed the street. Making your way to your car, you set your drink on the roof, to grab your keys. Your eyes scanned the street as your eyes landed on a little boy.

He was about 5 or so, and he fell off of his skateboard. He sat back to look at his knee, which even from where you were, was pretty badly scraped. Tears fell from his eyes, which turned to sobs and your heart broke. You were about to make your way over as you saw someone approach him.

A man, not much older than you sat down next to the boy as he cried. You watched the man rip the cloth off the bottom of his t-shirt to wrap around the kid's knee. Realizing how unsanitary that was, you quickly made your way over.

"Hey," They both looked up at you, as the little boy scooted closer to the man. "I, uh, just saw him fall, and you should clean the wound first," You started. The man stared up at you, before shaking his head.

"Sorry, what was that?" He asked. You sighed, as the little boy wiped at his face. "Sorry I wasn't listening." He said.

"I just said, you should clean the scrape first," He looked back down at the kid's wound. "Hydrogen peroxide, maybe?" He looked back up at you and sighed.

"We don't really have any of that," He said quietly. You looked down at them and made a decision, quick on the spot.

"Maybe you and your brother could come with me. I was just heading home." He looked up at you quickly, as the kid smiled. "I have some at home, I could clean the wound, it'd be more healthy." You smiled.

"He's not uh-" He stopped himself short as your eyes widened a little, "No, um this is my son." Your eyes widened slightly as you took notice of how young the man was. Trying not to judge, you smiled and nodded.

"I'm sorry." He shook his head and stood up, reaching a hand out to the kid. "My car's just over there if you want to come?" You asked. The man looked down at his son and the kid nodded. He looked back up at you and nodded.

"If it's not too much trouble," He said. You shook your head and smiled.

"Not at all," You said. They followed you to your car as you opened the back seat for the kid to get in. He smiled and thanked you. You motioned for the man to get in the passenger seat as you got your drink from the roof and got it.

You sat in the driver's seat as you set your cup in the holder. You started the car as you heard a small voice from the back. "Can I have some?" He asked. You smiled.

"Grant!" The man in your passenger seat turned to look at him. Grant mumbled a sorry.

"No it's okay," You handed the cup back to him smiling, as the little kid took it happily. "Oh, look at me, I'm like kidnapping you. My name's y/n." You said. You began to drive, heading home.

"I'm Grayson," The man said. You smiled. "And that there is my son Grant." He said. You smiled as you watched Grant drink your frappe in the backseat through your rearview mirror.

"That's just a vanilla bean frappe with one and a half pumps of hazelnut syrup," You said. Grayson looked over at you confused, "The drink. Just in case you want to get it for him." You looked over at him. Grayson gave you a small smile and looked out the window.


"We're here," You said, pulling into your driveway. You smiled back at Grant, who's wound was clearly only getting worse. He grinned, still enjoying his drink.

"You live here?" He asked. You nodded at the child and he let out a small 'wow'.

"Is this place yours?" Grayson asked. You nodded as you got out of the car. "How can you afford this?" He asked. You sighed, pulling your keys out.

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