Chapter 1

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Izuku POV

Before I even got my hair change I could communicate to my soulmate tho at the age of 13. All I did was a small drawing and I was confused that I got two drawings back at the same time. At that time I ask if it was only one person drawing both of them at the same time. They both said no and that today they got a green highlight and they are guessing it was mine. Of course I said yes but I also said why don't I have both of yours because today is my 13th birthday. They of course didn't know.

That was than tomorrow is my birthday. We still keep in touch with eachother so they know I am safe. The day of the entrance exams when I told them I kinda broke my legs and an arm they were very worried. Well anyway today me and my class are going to the USJ. Little did I know I will be seeing one of my soulmates until after school for explanations.

Tomura's POV

If I remember correctly Izuku is a student at UA. Thanks to a spy in his class we know today they will be at the USJ. So me and other villains will be attacking them when they are in class. I know I will have to explain to Izuku why I am a villain. Another explanation for the highlights in anyone's hair when by their soulmate it starts to glow until you share your first kiss with then when in same room.

Skip to when the start of the USJ attack.

Izuku's POV

Once the last ones of the villains came out of the portal my blueish grey highlight of my hair started to glow. Luckily no one notice. So I now know one of my soulmates is a villain. The only one with the peice of highlight I have for hair color is the person by a buffy brain showing with a beck thing. Once I saw my soulmate I want to run to him but if I did I know I will get in trouble. All of a sudden there was a warp gate under me and I fell into it. When I landed I was in the arms of my other soulmate which was at some type of bar. For now keep a secret that I drink alcohol yet I have a high tolorence of it.

I think me suddenly being in this soulmate's arm was confusion. I didn't mine so I just snuggled up to him.

Dabi's POV

Is this our soulmate that me and Tomura wanted to save from his bully all those years ago. My guess is yes because one of our highlights started to glow. I am most surprised that he wasn't getting out of my arms instead he snuggle into them more. He must feel safe and secure with his soulmates. "So Izuku do you know who I am." He nods his head before saying "I believe you are Touya Todoroki otherwise perfer to be called Dabi the other is Tomura Shigaraki. You are both of my soulmates." Yup it is Izuku alright and I am a little surprised he knows which one of his soulmates was me. All we did after was sit in comfortable silence.

Izuku's POV

It is nice being in his embrace maybe to nice because I know I fell asleep. In the dream was how do I put it weird yet feels real. (In the dream.) Scarlett come back you know mommy is having trouble. But daddy (Dabi) I want to play with mommy and not you and dad (Tomura) anymore. Well what about your twin brother. He never wants to play with me and rather stay and help mommy. Well Aaqil means Intelligent in Japanese and your brother is living up to his name by helping your mom. (Out of dream)

Tomura's POV

We failed at killing All Might but the only thing that got out of this is I got my soulmate. Once we went back to the bar I was about to let all of my anger out by cuss yelling. Dabi knows me so well he stopped me before I could because of our sleeping soulmate. So I calmed myself a little and sat by dabi with a sleeping Izuku on him. I of course also cuddled to Dabi. All of a sudden Izuku wakes up like he saw something he likes but confuse.

Izuku's POV

Did I have another vision on the future like I did when I was 13 but that happened today. So I probably did. It looks like I got Tomura and Dabi confused also. Eh you see I have hidden quirks I don't tell anyone about even my mom. They are future sight which is mostly in dreams then there is flying I choose what pair of wings I want whenever I want and lastly heal I can heal myself and others if I want to. I might cut myself but I do heal it right after but it leaves a scar. "Hehe you both looked confused but why." "One you shoot up fast and looked like you liked something yet confused" said Dabi. "Ok I will need to tell you both something that I haven't yet told anyone." They both then looked at eachother than back at me nodded while saying ok at the same time. So I told both of them my three quirks and well they where amazed of what I told them. I also told them about one for all and know I won't use it on them unless it was to basically in front of the heros when I have to fight them. So ya basically I became a villain in secret how fun.

Wait what will I tell my mom. "Hey guys how should we tell my mom that you are villains well I mean we and still want to see eachother to have any of the plan work. Also we will need to tell her that you won't hurt me." "Good point Izu for now we should have Kurogiri teleport us to your house in your room and hope she will go in there." Tomura just had to make me blush after saying Izu. Either way we went to my room on my bed.

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