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"Wherever a dancer stands is holly ground"

M A R T H A    G R A H A M


It's been three days since Harry told me the truth. Three days of total silence from me and a weird atmosphere between me and Harry.

He has been trying to talk to me and explain his side of the story, but I can't accept his excuses. This whole thing is just to evil for me and totally unacceptable. I told him that he should quit his job as a gang leader and keep working as a CEO, but he refused. How can he say it's a family business? It's so disrespectful, because it looks like we're talking about a restaurant or something when in fact we are talking about the mafia.

When Harry finished his story, I didn't want to sleep with him, even though he insisted a lot. So I choose to sleep in the couch, while he slept in the bed. He kept telling me we should had switched because he didn't mind to sleep in the couch. However I ignored him and slept in the couch. Well, I can't really say I slept because I spent the whole night thinking about what he told me. It was so shocking and unexpected, really. I couldn't believe it, my heart was broken.

And even though uncle didn't support Harry when he restarted the gang again, he didn't stop him either. Uncle and Harry have always been so ethical and correct on my eyes and now that I know this, they are different people to me.

On Saturday, I spent the whole day at the hotel room while Harry left to do his business. After all, we came to Miami so he could attend a few meetings. Curiously, all those meetings were related to his gang, including the one I attended. And the girl who died because of Harry's business? She was an actress. The Russians were right and I thought they were mistaken.

Anyway, my day was spent crying, reading magazines and watching television. God, I wanted badly to go to the Miami Beach, but noooo... Harry had to screw up and ruin everything.

On Sunday morning we finally went "home". It was so weird when I saw Harry's house in Manhattan and when I talked to the maids. They didn't know I knew, so they kept doing their normal life. But they did notice something was wrong between me and Harry, since we left Manhattan laughing and we came without talking.

Anyway, the rest of the day I draw and danced a little so I could get ready to the big day, Monday. I was unbelievably nervous and all these new stuff was not helping, at all.

But I had to focus on dancing and forget about the whole thing about Harry being a criminal. I spent so many years getting ready for this day and I won't let anything ruin it. It's my day and I can't wait to start dancing in one of the most important ballet schools in the whole world.

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