Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Ugh! I have decided that I officially hate families the most. I mean, while teenagers or college students tend to be loud and obnoxious, at least they normally tidy up after themselves. Families, don't. The parents are normally that happy to get their kids to be quiet for a moment that they don't care that most of the food doesn't even end up in their mouth, but on the floor or spread over the table. Plus, when they leave with their annoying youngsters, they leave all rubbish at their backside for the waitress unlucky enough to be working in their section to pick up. On top of all that, they are the worst tippers.

"Unlucky." Jen murmurs as she passes me, holding a tray with several drinks on it. Her long curly ginger hair is back in a low ponytail, yet even then it gets everywhere as I see a loose strand threatening to flow into one of the drinks she is holding, making me quickly pull it away as she passes without a thought. I meet her eye for a brief second, her green eyes bright, making her stand out beside most. The hair and the eyes tend to attract the eyes of everyone around her, especially in the restaurant we work, where the lights are dimmed ever so slightly, meaning everything about her seems to be illuminated in the candles around the place.

"Want to swap?" I ask, equally as lowly as her, seeing her smirk and shake her head as she continues on with her tray.

I quickly gather all the dirty plates onto the tray I am carrying, trying not to outwardly show my frustration when on closer inspection realise how messy this particular family was.

Antonio's, an Italian restaurant which is open all day and also serves as a bar, is situated in the town over from where my family lives, meaning even during the summer, I have a quick journey here. While during term time, I only had a five-minute walk from the flat I shared with Jen as the university is literally a few streets over.

I have been working here since freshman year and I literally can't wait until I get out of here. The only reason I have stuck it out is to help my parents with my tuition fees. Thankfully, I graduated a few days ago, and I only have one year of my masters left so thankfully here is only another year to go, however, despite my family encouraging me to quit and to focus on my final year, I have decided to keep the job until I fully finish uni. It was a decision which was made at home from the comfort of my bed a few weeks before graduation, however, every shift I have done since graduation has seemed to get worse and worse.

"Kaylee, please hurry up, we have a booking for that table. They have been waiting for five minutes already." Valery, the manager, complains quietly, watching as I wipe the stickiness off the table. She is one of the reasons I hate it here. She is bossy, rude and inconsiderate to everyone with a pulse except Antonio himself, who is a grey-haired man I am sure is near retirement.

"Just let me do the floor and then I'll reset it," I reply, straightening as I grab the tray, holding it on one hand as I quickly move to the kitchen to get everything cleaned, grabbing a pack of baby wipes on my way back out before hunching down and quickly wiping the mess up off the floor, trying to ignore the fact the restaurant is full as it is a Saturday night. I feel eyes on me, yet I really don't want to have to face the fact they are all likely glad they aren't the ones on their hands and knees scrubbing the floor.

When I finally get the table reset, I show the next group over and take their drink orders, walking behind the bar to grab the drinks.

The moment I am there, I freeze when I see a familiar handsome face to my left, staring down at his glass with a frown. He is sitting beside his friend, Rick, both of whom I know through university. The handsome one, who, while insanely attractive with his perfectly styled hair, captivating blue eyes, perfect face sculpture and a body like a model, has the personality of a toad. In the many times we have encountered each other, he has been cocky and each word he utters makes me want to hit him over the head. I seem to be the only one to think so as he has every girl falling at his feet. I think it's the accent that hooks them all, apart from the charming smile and smooth-talking.

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