17. A New Friend

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Samara clearly told Oliver that she couldn't accept his feelings because she was getting married to someone she loved. But, the guy didn't give up. He even visited her office several times.

On the wedding day, Oliver sent some pictures to her about the two of them when they went on friendly dates together, including the pictures of their make out. He threatened her that he would send the images to Ashar as he could not see her getting married to someone else other than him.

Samara got scared and thought that the only way to stop him was to meet him in person. She was sure that this way she could convince him. She tried calling Ashar numerous times to delay the wedding, but, when Ashar didn't answer her calls she was left with no choice, but to think of some other way.

And, at the time, I entered into her room. She said that she got that dangerous idea to put some other girl on her place when she saw me.

I cussed myself several times for going into her room that day. This mess wouldn't have started if I just didn't show up.

Anyways, Oliver took quite a lot of her time than she expected. He suggested her to run away with him. But, eventually, she managed to get a pledge of him that he won't show those pictures to anyone, but with a condition that he won't delete them.

Samara couldn't argue with him anymore because she was running out of time. So, she just clearly told him that she never loved him and ran back to the Church.

She said she couldn't trust Oliver. The pictures were still with him, but it didn't matter anymore because now the entire family, including Ashar knew about the problem.

I sauntered past the living room while recalling Samara's long story in my head. I stole a glimpse of the room unintentionally and found Ashar there, sitting with his laptop.

It had been a week since I was confined in this mansion and I didn't see him for once. Andrew told me that he didn't even join his family at any meal so, I didn't know if he knew about my job or not.

I stepped back and stood at the side of the door to observe him.

His eyes were glued to the laptop screen and his fingers were busy in typing. With spectacles on his face, he looked more graceful and sophisticated.

He stopped moving his fingers, but his eyes rolled slowly as if he was reading something on his gadget's screen. He rubbed his index finger on his lips, seemed to be thinking about something. After a minute or two, he again began pressing keys from the keyboard.

I felt the urge to go inside and talk to him. But, the sound of footsteps stopped me. I immediately hid myself behind one of the chairs of the dinner table and observed that Samara crossed the dining hall and went inside the living room.

She knew Ashar was here.

I followed her and moved to the same place where I was standing earlier to know what Samara was going to talk to him and how he was going to react. It could help me find out Ashar's current mood.

I had planned to talk to Ashar and sort out the problem, but he was not coming to his own house. By eaves-dropping their conversation, I could get to know what Ashar was thinking and may be, just maybe, I could muster courage to face him.

"I'm glad you're here." Samara smiled, crossing her arms.

Ashar looked up at her momentarily and then, moved his gaze back to the laptop, ignoring her.

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