Chapter 10- beach

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Gabbie's POV
We start to play truth or dare and we do some stupid and boring ones to start off like "eat a spoonful of mustard" or for a truth "what's the biggest lie you've told your parents" those were fun and all but I'm gonna start doing some fun ones.

Zach's POV
I'm playing truth or dare with Gabbie and Jack and it going well. The bad part is I had to jump in the freezing cold pool so now I'm shivering. "Truth or dare Zach?" Gabbie asks me. "Ummm... dare" I respond. "Kiss Jack on the lips" I look at her confused. She wants me to kiss her boyfriend. Jack looks at Gabbie confused as well. We turn our heads and look at each other. We lean in and kiss for about 3 seconds. I don't know why but I felt sparks. It was weird. I turn to look at Gabbie and she winked at me.  Is she trying to get Jack and I together? She is the best. It was my turn to ask Gabbie truth or dare. She said truth. "Why did you dare me to kiss Jack?" I ask. "Because I ship it" she responds. I blush a little and so does Jack. We do a couple more rounds and then it's time for them to go. "Bye guys" I say. "Bye" they say together. I close the door. And go to shower. I just kissed Jack Avery. The thought made me smile wide. "What are you smiling about?" Reese asked me. "Just a funny joke" I say.

Jacks POV
We walk away from Jack. "Do you like Zach?" Gabbie asks out of nowhere. "W-What?" I ask. "Do you like Zach?" She repeats. "Umm.. maybe a little" I respond telling the truth. She squeals and says "YAY MY SHIP IS SAILING!!.... okay, do you think we'd be better off as friends because you like Zach and I don't want to prevent you from getting together with him?" "Yeah, I'm just scared on what he's going to say" I was telling the truth. What would he say? I know he has a crush on me but what if it's just a crush and nothing else? "He likes you! I know it, he stared at you the whole game, you both blushed after the kiss, I can tell he's been a little down when he found out you had a girlfriend. It's obvious he likes you and it's obvious you like him"she tells me. "Your the greatest friend ever Gabbie" I say while hugging her. "I'll help you ask him out" she said. "Thank you"

Gabbie's POV
My plan worked! Jachary is happening! Jacks parents drop me off at my home and I start planning. It will be on the beach with lights and it will be a cute picnic. Great! I call Jack and tell him. "Hey"
"Hey, I got the date all planned out"
"Great! Thanks so much Gabbie" he says
"Of course! Your going to have to find a way to get him there though"
"Got it. Bye Gabbie"
Time skip to the next day (it's spring break so no school)
Zach's POV
Jack and I are getting back to my house from getting ice cream. He told me that Gabbie and him broke up and decided to just be friends. I'm kinda glad about that tbh. I was happy for him and all but I was jealous. We get home and Jack told me to put on a blindfold. "I have a surprise for you" he told me. "Okay" He led me somewhere I'm not sure where though. He scoops me up bridal style and puts me in the car. We start driving. He picks me up out of the car and carries me over somewhere. I'm guessing it was the beach because I felt the grainy sand on my feet. Jack takes off the blindfold and I see a beautiful set up with lights and a blanket. I turn to Jack and hug him. "It's so pretty" I say. We walk over to the blanket and lay down looking at the sunset. "I have a question" Jack says. "Yeah?" I ask looking over at him. "Will you be my boyfriend?" "Yes!" I hug him and we look at each other and start to lean our heads closer. We look at each others lips and lean closer. "YES! JACHARY IS REAL" I turn and see Gabbie jumping up and down. Jack and I both laughed. We all group hugged and got in the car. "When will we tell our parents?" I ask. "Tomorrow?" Jack says. "Sure" I respond.

This chapter was a cute one. Thanks for all the support on this book. Love you all❣️

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