Chapter 3

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After dismissing their bows, Benji walked around the living quarters, not sure which girl to talk to first. It had all happened so fast he hadn't had time to prepare. Most of the girls were spread out, not making much conversation, so Benji decided to go right to left in the room, having about thirty seconds with each. 

"Hello," He paused, needing to look at her name pin tied to her dress. "Haley." She smiled, leaning forward so her cleavage was more exasperated. The amount of makeup on her face was absurd, she must have piled it on in layers. Haley's hair looked bleached blond, and he couldn't deny it was probably for this visit. Her dress was also quite revealing, skin showing all up her legs and back. He could tell she was trying to suck up.

"Heeey," She slid her arm into Benji's, trying to make as much physical contact. "So what are you doing later? You could, y'know, come up to my room where I'm staying and we could... chil." Sex oozed out of that sentence, which made Benji quite uncomfortable. But he needed to keep his composure, for his sake and hers. 

"We'll see. I've got to talk to all the other girls, see you soon." He forced a smile and walked out of her grip, a pout on Haley's face. 

I didn't think this would be that uncomfortable. 

But not being into girls didn't really help his situation, did it. 

Finding the least intimidating girl there, he walked over, hoping it would be a lot easier. He was wrong. 

"Hi, Nora, right?" The girl shot up from the book she was reading, but couldn't say a word. Nora seemed to be frozen on the spot. It had to have been at least ten seconds of awkward silence before Benji said something else. "So, what's your favorite part of Spain so far?" Benji sat down next to Nora, making her go even stiffer. After getting no answer whatsoever, he gave up, hoping she'd talk more as the week went on. "Alright, talk to you later." Benji gave a polite smile and walked off, hoping the other three girls wouldn't be as dry as the first two. 

Fiona and Elenor were the next two girls he talked to, both being quite polite and friendly. Nothing surprising, but if he was thinking realistically, they were probably his safest bet. 

It sucked to think like this, to have to think about who would work the best with him, instead of who he liked most. He just didn't fancy any of them.

Camilla was the last girl left, she was actually talking to Elenor, looking quite bubbly. She was one of the girls he recognized and was friends with, the princess of Sweden. 

"Camilla, long time no see. How've you been?" She stood up, walking with Benji around the room. 

"Good, good. Benji, why are you doing this? And why am I here again? Aren't you gay?" She whispered the last question in his ear, so nobody would hear. He nodded solemnly. 

"Both my brothers are married off to other countries, and my parents need an heir. It's not like I can just say no." 

"I could be your inside girl? Help you figure this whole thing out. I don't think I'm an option, just since there's a boy back at home and he isn't, y'know, gay." He nodded, liking that idea. "Is there anyone here that strikes a chord with you?" They looked around at the four girls that were seated all over the room. 

"I guess Fiona was polite, same with Elenor, they had the same vibe. Nora was completely silent, and Haley was fake. Really an amazing selection." He said sarcastically, still not sure what to do. "I was just hoping that if I got close enough to someone here it'd just work and I'd be straight. I really don't want to hurt anyone here."

"You know it doesn't work like that, right?" 

"I know." 

"Just, go ask Fiona on a date or something, get to know them. Lemme know how it goes. Also, don't send me home, this palace is much nicer than Sweden's. I'm jealous." Laughing along, Camilla pushed Benji over to Fiona, forcing him to ask her on a date. 

She looked up from her phone, almost being startled by Benji's presence. Through their conversation, Benji learned she liked to cook, so they might as well do something with that. 

"Hello, would you like to join me in the kitchens tomorrow at ten in the morning? I was thinking we could cook something delicious." His charismatic manner was put on display for that sentence. 

"I'd love to." She smiled, completely blind that Benji would have no way of loving her like that. 


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