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Well, here’s part two for anyone who wants to read. If I get at least one more vote for this story, I’ll continue on, if not, I have other stories to do. This one’s not that popular.


Chapter 2

Alex’s P.O.V.

“What are you doing in my underwear drawer?” Grace screamed at me, when she opened her eyes. She turned red because she saw me with her diary and screamed. “And give me back my diary fool! Before I go ninja on your sorry ass!” That girl has the weirdest things to say.

Anyways, you might want me to go back a little, so you can understand what’s going on.

It’s Thursday morning, I wake up, and I look in the mirror. Hot, as usual, My brown hair with red streaks looks fine, so I leave it. I slip on some black jeans, and a tight tee. I look great so I head down for breakfast. I eat up then head to school in my red Chevy Camero with black racing stripes. As you can tell, my favorite color is red.

I jump out of my car and head to see my friends, they’re hanging out in our usual spot. I see Doug, Tom, Trevor, and Max. I wonder where Avery and his sister are. Then I see their beat up old bug drive into the parking lot. I smile, I know they love that car. Avery comes out the passenger door and says bye to his sister, who is really hot. I know all the other guys think she’ shot too.

When Avery gets there the guys and I talk a while, then head off to our classes until lunch. We sit at our usual table, but when Grace comes Avery asks her to sit at a different table for some reason. “Okay guys,” Avery starts. “Can you guys all sleep over tomorrow night?” We all answer yes, of course. “Great, here’s your challenge. Grace keeps a diary in her underwear drawer, and won’t even let me go near it. Whoever finds it first gets 20 bucks from each of us.” Deal. Oh man. I’m gonna get 100 bucks, and to read Grace’s diary, could it get any better?

I wait for Friday afternoon to come, and finally it does. We get to Avery/Grace’s house which is HUGE. We all change into our pj’s except Grace, who is busy making us a ton of snacks. After we’re all situated we watch a marathon of Saw movies. After number four Grace goes to bed. “Okay Avery says anyone can go in now.” “Wait!” I say “Can we start after I go to the bathroom?” I ask. They all say it’s okay. Instead of going to the bathroom I go to Grace’s room, in which I find her curled up in a pair of plaid pajamas sleeping. I go over to her drawers and get her diary out, then she sits up. Oh crap! While she’s yelling at me I open her diary, and that’s where I am. I wonder what goodies I’ll find in here.

Grace’s P.O.V.

While I’m screaming at Alex he opens my dairy and starts reading it. Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! He can’t be doing that! I don’t know what to do, so I jump onto him and put him in a headlock. This is going to be interesting to explain to Avery and the guys.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well, there’s that part for you, if one person votes I’ll put a new part up. Comment on what you liked/didn’t like, fan, vote. :)

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