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how is it so easy for you to be kind to people, he asked

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how is it so easy for you
to be kind to people, he asked

milk and honey dripped from my lips as I answered

cause people have not
been kind to me



"Woah." I mumble, as Ava and I enter our room for the next couple of days.

"Well shit, this must be where all my money went." She says quietly, making me giggle.

We both weren't expecting something so nice.

The bus arrived to the huge hotel about twenty minutes ago. We got our room keys and chose our roommate before we could finally head up.

Dustin and Seth are sharing one, then Austin and Jackson are together in another room. Luckily we're all on the same floor.

Ava wanted the bed next to the window so I took the other one.

"What do you think you're doing?" She raises an eyebrow just as I pull out my pajamas to change into.

I tilt my head. "Changing. It's getting late."

She chuckles. "It's only eight, there's no way you're going to bed this early." She walks over to my suitcase and rummages through it until she finds my bathing suit. "We are going to the pool."

My eyes widen slightly. "Won't we get in trouble?"

Ava smirks. "Not if we don't get caught." I frown. "Text your boyfriend and tell him to come with the boys."

I take a deep breath and pull out my phone.

What happens if we do get caught? I've never gotten in trouble with a teacher before and I really don't want to anytime soon.

wanna come to the pool with ava and i?

As i'm waiting for a reply, I head into the bathroom and quickly slip on my two piece. He's answered by the time i'm done.


yeah, ava doesn't wanna sleep yet

you sure you want to go? i know you're
scared to get in trouble and if it makes
you too nervous we can just stay in,
and i'll sneak over to your room.

Am I really that obvious?

no it's okay, i want to go

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