Choose ....or I will

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"Vee what are you staring at" my girl Bernita asked .
I turned my head to her "nothing" .
She laughed "girl don't lie you was looking at papi over there I still can't believe you ain't let him hit".
That night when Rj's mom caught me coming out his room we hadn't done anything.
He invited me over and we just chilled and got to know one another. I don't know somewhere in between doing homework together and watching Martin I had fallen asleep and we got woken up by his young brother hanging sex .
I looked over there again and the girl was still in his face.
"Ouuu your nose flaring and shit you feeling ole boy huh mami"?
"I have Zay me and Rj are just friends". She rolled her eyes "Zay is a hoe and is always cheating on you and even though he said he's going to change girl his ass isn't" Bernita was right, but how can I let seven years just go down the drain.
Pulling out my phone I texted Rj...
"We meeting up tonight"
Rj😩: I was invited to his party so i don't know.
"Um... 😑"
"We going to Pelar's house party tonight"?
Bernita chuckled "girl you know Pelar don't like me".
"So a lot of people don't like her ass, but they going to be in her shit".
"You said you didn't want to go to that ratchet shit I guess Rj or Zay going..."
I looked in Rj direction and he was now looking at me and cracked a smile . "I just said we going".

I was sitting in my car cleaning it out when i heard a voice say "hello".
Looking up I saw the man that was in the doorway few weeks ago trying to Mack on my momma.
"Hey" I said .
He looked me up and down "can I help you" I said feeling disgusted .
"I was wondering if your mom was home"?
"My mom and my dad are why"? I said with a bit of attitude.
"You know your just as beautiful as she is" he said touching my shoulder.
" Reminisce"! I heard my brother yell.
Thank God for him "I gotta go" I said trembling .
"Tell your mom I said hello". I rushed in the house just as my brother was walking back in from the garage.
"Who was that"? He asked me as I tried to catch my breath.
"His name is lee he got a thing for momma but he's so damn creepy".
Reggie replied "so that's Lee"?

"How do I look"? Ro asked me as me and the twins sat watching cartoons.
"Where you going"? I asked .
"Yea mommy where you going" Royal said.
"Job interview nosey" she said pitching Royal's nose.
"Daddy will take care of you mommy" Cre smiled.
"Yea ....What Regan said why you need a job when I give you everything"?
She blew off and rolled her eyes "because I need something to do I'm tired of being a housewife".
"Where you got a job at Ro"? I said annoyed .
"Nursing home I'm interviewing for a manager position".
I sucked my teeth "you like wiping them old people ass huh"?
"Yea and I hate wiping yours".
I blew her the kissy face "whatever wife".
She came over kiss me and the girls and said "I'll be home in about a hour take something out and I'll cook it when I get home".
How was me getting my business together and her having a job going to work? A nigga like me don't believe in baby sitters. We had this talk before about her becoming a stay at home wife and even though she was mad about it she agreed to do it now she wanted to work again. It something new always with this women.

"You laid up in my shit like you live here" Angel said coming home to her studio apartment and seeing that I was here. When she had gotten it me and her was together, so she had given me a key. Today was the first time I had beat her here from school.
"How about you give me a show" I said putting my hands behind my head.
She threw her book bag down and crawled on the bed over to me. Just as we started kissing my phone rang.
Angel picked my phone up before I could and looked me in the eyes and right then I knew what she was about to do so I snatched the phone from her.
"I gotta answer this if I don't she's going to think I'm avoiding her".
Angel rolled her eyes "whatever" was all she said .
I answered the phone and the first thing Kimber said was "what took you so long to answer".
"My bad baby I was busy" Angel started unbuckling my pants trying to fight her off and talk on the phone was a lot.
"What you doing"? She asked.
Hell if I told her the truth it was watching Angel getting naked in front of me.
"Nothing bae What you doing"? She blew off
"Missing you".
"I miss you too".
She seemed to have gotten happy and asked "how much"?
By this time Angel has gotten my dick out and was sucking the shit so good.
"Mmmm... baby what did you say" I said trying to talk normal.
"How much do you miss me ..."
"Shit" I said trying to straighten up on the bed.
"What happen"? Kimber said.
"Bae ima have to you back"
"Reggie really we never talk it seems as if your always rushing me off the phone".
"Kim.....Kimber baby ima call you back I love you".
When I said I love you Angel bit my dick. "Ouch girl" I said sitting my phone on the dresser.
"I told you about saying that shit around me" she said sitting up.
"Man come here stop playing you can't leave me on hard".
"You're gonna have yo choice between me or her Reggie I'm falling for you and I'll be damn if I stay your side chick". Reggie pulled her close and kissed her "relax man I'll figure it out".
She gave me this evil look "you better tell her soon or I will".

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