Episode 8 - The Prophecy

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Made By: delacruzjonas00Story Progression By delacruzjonas00Characters:AeraAngelBaneJaneJakeJuniorKate

Dark: My name is dark. I came here to warn you about the prophecy. * In Whispering Voice But Louder *

Bane: What IS the prophecy?

Dark: Huaven will fall. All of you must go to Grovelum. It is there that you will meet the person that will help you.

Jake: But, Angel told us to warn the Huavenial and the person who will help us is HERE in HUAVEN.

Dark: Yes he is here awhile ago but he moved to Grovelum. She still doesn't know that.

Kate: And WHO is that person who can help us?

Dark: You will know. * He walked backward and then turned into a mist *


* Angel saw that and he whispered something *

Jake: Hey, Angel do YOU know who is that guy?

Angel: His name is dark. many people know him as the name "demon" but, He's a bit more like me.

* Jake is a bit confused *

Aera: Hey, GUYS! I think I found the GATE!

Bane: Do you think we should tell her?

Jane: It's critical! We should find the PERSON who Angel told us.

Junior: What if it's true? What if Huaven will fall?

Jake: HUAVEN Won't fall. We will defend it.

Aera: Guys what are we waiting for? * She Shouted *

Kate: Let's go!

* While running to Aera, Angel looked behind and she saw the Corrupted almost reached her 

when she was talking with Jake *

Angel: Oh god, you're a fast one virus!

Bane: What?

Angel: The Corrupted almost reached me!

Jake: Well the word " Almost " is the relieve for me.

Kate: Me too.

Aera: STOP! Guy's stay close together! Be quite.

Jake: What is it?

Aera: Look! * As She Points On An Army Of The Undead *

Jake: Those undead warriors I think they're part of those DEMONS.

Bane: Can't see guys!

Jake: Sssshhhh!

Bane: * Quite *

Aera: Look!

Jake: What are they doing?

Undead Soldier: We will capture this city! HUAVEN WILL FALL!

Bane: Hey, I think Dark said the truth.

Angel: Well, he might have said the truth.

Aera: We have to sneak to get inside Huaven!

Jake: We need proper planning for that.

Aera: Ok...

~ To Be Continued ~

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