Collection of Heroes and a kid

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Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know this is my most ambitious project fuckin' yet, and it's gonna be really hard, so... bare with me? This starts in between season 1 and 2. I hope you enjoy this story, I've worked really hard on it, so... without further adieu, the story!!


Young Y/N was sitting in his room, biding his time, with nothing to do. You see, recently he'd all but had his wings clipped by his parents after they caught him out with friends past his curfew, which it was later revealed one of his friends had booze that they planned to drink.... after he had gotten poor grades. A triple whammy.

He'd had his Phone, Computer, anything that wasn't bolted down and didn't need, was taken from him. So, he sat... throwing a stress ball at his wall repeatedly. Luckily, he had his phone, but refused to use it when his parents were still awake. He had his Phone and Headphones in his pocket.

He sighed deeply.

Y/N: "Ya know, if I even had just a book to read time would go by a lot fuckin' faster."

He sighed again.

Y/N: "Man... I would kill for the chance to just do anything. Living in any other world right now would be a fucking blessing. Skyrim... Fallout... eh.. maybe not Fallout. Halo would be cool. Even Assassins Creed. Doom would be HELLa fun." He smirked at his own dumb joke. "Wolfenstein would be super cool... killin' Nazi's left and right. Ooh, even Remnant. That would be fun." He yawned. "Whatever... no use in wallowing." He threw the ball off to a corner and rolled onto his side, slowly drifting off into a deep slumber.


Iyae Lenialis (Pronounced ee-ah-eh len-ee-al-iss), the Dragonborn and a Wood Elf, was sitting on the Throat of the World.

She was wearing her signature Dragonborn Armor with her Dragonbone sword and Spellbreaker on her back. Not only a master of the arcane, but master of the Thu'um. Knew all there was to know about the words of power. She had long black hair which was swept to the side and fair skin for a Bosmer.

She was talking with Paarthurnax, after finally bringing peace to Skyrim several times on her adventures. Helping the Stormcloaks free Skyrim, Killing Miraak, Killing Alduin, Killing Harkon. A lot of killing done on her part, but, she was glad it was over.

Paarthurnax: "Do you still have the Kel, Thuri?"

Iyae: "Yeah, why?"

Paarthurnax: "I was wondering... I have an urge that you must read the Kel in the Time Wound again. Akatosh must have other plans for you... it seems he is attempting to relay them to you through me."

Iyae: "Alright." She approached the time wound with all three Elder Scrolls she possessed. She pulled out Time, read it first, then Sun, and finally, Blood. After finishing all of them, she simply... vanished.

Paarthurnax was stunned. The Scrolls were mysterious... but able to teleport people? Strange.

Paarthurnax: "Paaz lok dinaal. God speed, Thuri."


The Courier, the woman of legend, Katie Wright was wandering the lonely fifteen in her T-51 Power Armor with her trusty Ranger Sequoia on her hip after just looting the entirety of the Sierra Madre. She helped a burned man named Joshua, smashed the Legion, Killed Caesar and his corrupted Legate Lanius, gave the New California Republic a black eye, Killed Mister House and owned the Strip all to herself. She and the Brotherhod of Steel owned Hoover Damn with the help of the Boomers. She was a strange one, enjoyed killing and wandering.

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