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"We are here. In your cities, in your towns, down the street in your neighborhood.

It is time we rise."

-Found on the back of a receipt discarded on Main Street, Pellora City

"@nonymous4, kind of clothes do you like the Prince in?" Anonymous read the large script on the screen behind her, then laughed, her bright hair swinging as she whirled back around to look at the crowd. "I swear, no one ships this relationship more than you folks."

She sat in one of the black-backed director's chairs on stage. Next to her, Josh Farrest balked, "What about what I like the Prince to wear?"

Anonymous' answering giggle was like delicate wind chimes. I snorted inwardly and shook my head. Of course, her laugh was adorable. "Okay, Josh, you first, then."

Josh flicked his blond hair to the side and scooted forward in his chair. "I'm a fan of the suits, but every once in a while he wears a t-shirt that's just—" he cut himself off as he fanned his face in joking exaggeration. Next to him, Danika Leighton stared blankly at him.

When Josh turned to his mate with a grin, I chuckled. What a cheeky bastard.

"He has these ties he wears," Anonymous answered thoughtfully once the cheers of the crowd died, "that have the Royal crest on them. I try to get him to wear them almost too often—I think he's catching onto me. But other than that it's sweatpants. There's just something so...casual about them."

"Ooo, Chichi, bow chica wow-wow," Josh waggled his eyebrows.


The host chuckled and corralled the panelists back to the questions populating the massive projection screen. From these panels alone, I could see why the Musetunes Festival was a hit so far. The panels gave the crowd a chance to ask questions and take a deeper look into the lives of the artists. It made the crowd feel like they were friends rather than strangers.

I loved every second of it.

Shayla and Marlee would have lived off it.

My gaze scanned the crowd again all the way back to the edges and across towards the food trucks near the west side. This panel was definitely the most attended, the gated area for the crowd almost bursting. And no one had to be a genius to know it had a lot to do with the red-haired, charismatic artist in the center of the stage.

She'd had a panel yesterday as well. The more I listened to her, the more I liked her. She stayed standing until the rest of the artists sat, sparked questions for others to bring them into the conversation, and kept all her comments and jokes relevant.

Adrian Leonger had a pretty cool daughter, and I was weirdly proud of her.

"East panel stage all clear," I said into the black watch on my wrist as I "scratched" behind my ear. Today I was again playing a fan but this time without Wes.

"South side clear," Eva said.

"Center main stage clear," Wes reported.

All was quiet. The sun was out, people were laughing and singing along to the music, the weather was warm but not too humid. A perfect day for a music festival.

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