Shy guy

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I remember it like yesterday all because i had to look threw the camera i didn't know no one told me i wasn't supposed to look at Scp 096.  Well i kinda knew last person who looked at Scp 096 got killed.  Scp 096 ripped him to pieces and escaped his cell and killed half of the Scp government of course i wasn't there to see if that really did happen i guess i didn't think right when i looked at the camera well let me tell the story...

It was a Friday night i had to do night watch and guess what Scp i had to watch it was Scp 096.  Of course there was a camera of Scp 096 cell but there was also a laser monitors in the cell so we can detect where Scp 096 was.  I was watching the TV when i heard a "BEEP BEEP BEEP".  That sound meant that Scp 096 was moving i mean it was weird because i been in here for about 4 hours already and he hasn't moved and it was every weird because Scp 096 never really moved he only really moved when the day was over and face the wall i mean Scp 096 was one of the scariest Scp in containment i left like i had to look at the camera and thats when my eyes widen i really felt like i was crying it was quiet but then not even 5 seconds later all i heard was screaming and crying and whilei  was looking at Scp 096 he was holding his face and his mouth was so wide i wanted to scream and run but something stopped me.  Okay Robert i said to my self he can't hurt u it was all rumors i said to myself while looking down at my hands shaking i shut them and looked at the camera and Scp 096 was gone! When i looked at the laser monitors there wasn't anywhere Scp 096 was it's like he disappeared i was scared i never really been scared this bad before that's when i heard crying down the hall way i looked and i saw no one so i grabbed my stuff and ran i ran so fast i heard screaming and running and jumping above and below me but i made to my car and got in and drove as fast as i could and when i got home i ran in the bathroom and i took deep breaths and cries i was so scared and i said it was all fake Scp 096 is still his in his containment cell and i took shower and  got out and got dressed and sat down on my bed and laid down and closed my eyes and i fell asleep...  About 5:30 in the morning i heard crying and i sat up and cleaned my ears with my finger but i still heard something crying i looked to the side of the room and that's when i screamed it was right there i cried and it shook back and forth screaming and crying and holding his face and his wide mouth was all the way opened more then before i screamed and ran outta the room and ran in the closet and that's how i could tell you guys what is happening and to never ever look at scp 096 and i hope you guys the best and pray to god that the Scp government fines Scp 096 as soon as possible and put him back in the containment sell and hope one ever looks at the camera again.

Robert soon hears crying behind him he gulps and opens the door and gets to the front door and opens it half way before he gets dragged by Scp 096 and all u could hear is Robert and his body being ribbed to pieces and hearing Scp 096 throwing his parts around and shamming his bones and skull in and when Scp 096 is done he goes to a corner and rocks back and forth and cries.


( I hope you guys liked my short Scp 096 fanfic i just barely joined the Scp community and Scp 096 also known as Shy Guy  was the first i watched and heard of and is my fav Scp so like and share my Scp short story and vote THANK U!!!! )

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