Chapter Five

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It's a motel, dark and dingy and Sofia actually worries for a moment that Dean might be a serial killer and that she has gone and been stupid again. He notes her look and chuckles pulling her closer to him.

"Will you relax?" he teases. "I promise I'm not a serial killer"

"Heard that before, Sweetie" he almost falls over when he hears that nickname, it's all he thinks about some times, the way it rolls off her tongue, but he catches himself and smirks at her.

"Hanging out with the wrong boys" he counters.

"Or girls" she adds, he turns to her and stares at her.

"Girls?" he asks, she hums and nods.

"Doesn't matter if they're male or female when it comes to love" she admits.

"Sex doesn't always mean love" he argues, she shrugs.

"Sex is boring without even a little bit of love" she points out. "When a touch has more spark, when a look offers more fire, the way fingers dance over the skin like skates on ice" she motions with her fingers. "Feather light, slow, tender like lapping waves" he swallows a little. "You've been sleeping with the wrong girls if you've never experienced something like that"

"Maybe I have been" he agrees with her. They share a look, emotions, thoughts, feelings all communicated through eyes. She looks away first. Not tonight: she reminds herself. "It's just here" he whispers and then leads her to the motel room behind him. Dean opens the motel room door and nods to Sam sat on his bed watching tv. Sam raises an eyebrow when Sofia steps in behind Dean. "This is my brother, Sam" Dean offers, Sam waves.

"I remember" Sofia assures them. "Nice to see you again"

"And you, Sofia" Sam stands grabbing his jacket.

"You don't have to go" Sofia assures him. "'That' is not happening"

"Tonight" Dean corrects. "You said, not tonight" she hums a little sharing an amused look with Sam who chuckles and moves to the kitchen.

"Would you like a drink?" he asks.

"Water is fine, thank you" Sofia answers as Dean takes her coat.

"Okay, here we go" he sets it over the back of a chair and pulls her into the chair, she watches him amused, waiting to see just what this is about. Dean steals Sam's laptop and opens it up in front of Sofia. He types away, opening up a video on the laptop and smiles. "There," she looks to the screen. She watches the video play and starts to smile. Dean's eyes never stray from her face. She needed cheering up. He could see it. All the tense lines and sadness, she needed to see this. To see how the people of America see her. To see that they love her. That even in her darkest moments, when she's sad and she feels alone, she has them. The people out there that admire her and look up to her and love her. Sam smirks watching Dean. Dean can't help himself. Sam knows this, he looked up and researched the whole soulmate thing after Dean told him. Of course, there is lore and research and notes about it all over the world but they mostly agree that there is a pull between the two halves, a calling. Each one a beacon for the other. Dean's been having dreams about this woman for months now, and now she is here right in front of him in the flesh and he can barely contain himself.


Sofia lingers outside of the motel room waiting for Dean, her eyes are a little red, those videos pulling emotions from her, soft, pleased but sad emotions. The videos praise her and speak of affection but they just made her think more of Maria. Her mother meant everything to her, her mother is the one that instilled humanity and humility and morals in her. Howard may have created her, but Maria made her who she is. She turns to Dean as he closes the motel door behind him.

"You're not so bad, Winchester" she comments she's close to crying but she can hold it off long enough till she is alone, years of practice.

"Feel a little better?" he asks, she nods.

"I do" she answers running her fingers through her hair and then gives him a look. "Thank you"

"You're welcome" he counters. "Can I drive you back?" he asks, she shakes her head.

"No" she answers. "It's okay, I text a driver" she motions over her shoulder as a town car pulls up. She places her hand on his shoulder and pulls him closer so she can kiss him. His hand finds her waist as he kisses her back, she chuckles a little and pulls back before walking away, Dean smiles and touches his lips, turning lightly on his feet before heading into the motel room.


Tony rolls his head from where he sits on the couch, the tv playing some cartoon that he's not watching, his eyes find Sofia as she walks into the living room, he narrows his eyes a little.

"Is it January already?" he asks, she shakes her head slipping out of her heels and moving towards him.

"No, I only went for drinks" she answers grabbing the whiskey bottle from the coffee table and dropping into the seat next to him. Tony hums a little and leans against her, seeking comfort in his big sister. He threads his fingers with hers as she drinks from the bottle, him from his own glass.

"So who is he?" Tony asks, she raises an eyebrow and looks back at him.

"Who?" she counter asks.

"The guy you went out with" Tony comments. "I can smell him on ya'" he offers sniffing. She rolls her eyes.

"No, you can't" she argues.

"I can smell sex, it's my superpower" he teases weakly. She snorts.

"No sex here" she argues.

"But you wanna" Tony leans up to look down at her. "You want the D" she smacks his chest as he laughs, he grabs her wrist and pulls her closer to kiss her head. "Or the V" he alters, she shakes her head and stands.

"Goodnight, Tony" she offers walking away.

"Night, Blondie" he teases, she smiles and waves the whiskey over her shoulder.


Sofia sits crossed-legged on her bed, a bottle of whiskey between her legs and her cell phone in hand. She smirks seeing a text from Dean; Next time? She doesn't respond, sometimes mystery is good, suspense, so much so it aches. She wants him to be craving her before she gives in. It's how she plays. No attachments, a sliver of love, but hungry, needy sex. That's the good stuff. And it's all she's in for. Relationships don't work for her. They can't. Not with what she is. Who she is.

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