59: Dont you Doctor Me

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Before the chapter starts, I just want to mention that I wrote this a few weeks before Kirstie and Ben posted about their relationship online. I didn't want it to seem like I'm just hopping onto the bandwagon of immediately including boyfriends/girlfriends of the band as soon as a relationship gets teased or is posted about online.
Ben has been in a few of my stories in the past, and I wanted to include him in this one as well. Like I said, I wrote this chapter weeks ago, and wasn't really expecting Kirstie and Ben to actually come out as a couple.
They haven't officially confirmed their relationship, but I feel like it's also important to note that it is beyond inappropriate to send anyone hate for no reason.
Ben is an incredible photographer and he has always been so kind to fans. He and Kirstie seem so happy together and that is all that matters. I hate that I have to ask for people to not send anyone hate, but I've seen comments and posts where people get mad at the band's IRL boyfriends/girlfriends/friends because of a story they read online.

A fan fiction is based on a real person/real people, but does not mirror their real life. It's a story and it's all made up for entertainment purposes. Please do not spread hate to anyone because of a story you read online.

We only stan positivity here!!

Anyways, that's it for the long authors note.

Thank you for reading.

Much love :) <3


"Damn," Scott looked up at the sound of Mitch's voice, his hands tying the strings of his swim trunks as the brunette made his way over.
"You're hot as hell." Mitch stated very matter of fact, his hands on Scott's stomach. "Damn,"
Scott smiled, tilting Mitch's chin up. "Yeah?" He pecked his lips.
"Mhm," Mitch wrapped his arms around Scott's waist as they kissed, Scott's arms around Mitch's neck. "I'm going to go shower quick before we leave. Wes is watching TV and Arden is in her crib sleeping,"
"As usual," Scott chuckled, kissing Mitch's cheek before grabbing his things and making his way into the livingroom, pulling his shirt on and running his hand through his hair. "Wessy, are you all ready for the pool?"
Wesley nodded, "yeah! Gonna swim,"
"Do you know how to swim?" Wesley shrugged, grabbing the floaties Mitch left on the coffee table.
"Do you want to learn how to swim?" Scott lifted his son and sat him on his lap, "I can teach you? We can go underwater too,"
Wesley's eyes lit up. "Under water?"


"Are you sure it's alright that I come?" Kirstie looked up as a voice drifted from down the hall, her smile slowly growing when she saw the mess of dirty blonde hair make his way into her bedroom with a small pout on his lips. "I know Kevin said he was okay with me coming, but like.. you guys dated; for a while, too."
"I feel like it's gonna be awkward when your new boyfriend meets your ex boyfriend at his barbecue,"
"You guys will get along great, don't worry," she shook her head and finished folding laundry. "Kevin and I kind of realized that we were better off as friends, so that's what we are. And besides, his new girlfriend will be there too, I think,"
"Yeah? How's that make you feel?"
She raised a skeptical eyebrow as Ben sat on her bed, his eyes warm. "Don't you dare start to doctor me, Benjamin. I'm fine,"
He held his hands up in defense, "I ask because I care, Kit. It's okay to not be completely moved on from an ex; especially when you were talking marriage and starting a family with said ex."
"I mean— yeah, there was talk of all that stuff, but not for a while. At least, not for him,"
"And how does that make you feel? Knowing that he wasn't ready to start a family and you were?"
"I'm fine with it. I'll always love Kevin, but he's my best friend first and that will never change. We tried to make a relationship from a friendship and we learned that we were both looking for different things. And besides, that was months ago; we still hang out all the time."
"No romantic feelings?"
Kirstie set the shirt she was folding down, before making her way to the side of the bed Ben was sitting on. She tilted his chin up and his arms immediately rapped around her waist, holding her close. "Only for you. Why are you doctor-ing me? Isn't that against the law, or something?"
He chuckled, shaking his head, "I just want to make sure you're okay." He kissed her cheek. "I care about you, Kirstie. A lot."
Her smile sent a wave of butterflies through him, "I care about you too, Ben." She tucked his hair back and cupped his cheek. "You ready to go?"
He nodded, standing and reaching for his discarded shirt before tugging it on and fixing his hair in the nearby mirror. "I'm kind of nervous," he admitted as they eventually got in her car and made their way towards Kevin's home. "Do you think your friends will like me?"
"You've met them before,"
"Yeah, but not like this," He motioned with his hand, earning a raised eyebrow from his girlfriend, "in passing, yeah. But I haven't really talked to them. Is there anything I should know about them beforehand? So I don't say anything stupid?"
Kirstie shook her head, her smile bright as she laughed and squeezed his hand. "You're so cute. Don't worry, Ben, it's just a pool party. What's the worse that'll happen?"


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