Adrian's POV

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I feel soft lips on my face then travel down to my neck. I moan slightly, " Babe wake up" "noo" u turn around and cover myself. "Come on beautiful, I'm taking you out for breakfast" i comply and lazily get up and go shower. I start undressing myself when i get the feeling of puking and i do. I quickly brush my teeth and i use mouth wash too. I flush it and shower. I quickly get out and blowed dried my hair. I put on my lacy pair of undies and bra. I out on a striped shirt with a jean jacket, black leggings and white vans. I accessorize with a brown bracelet and a black beanie. I spray my perfume and put a bit of lipstick and mascara.

I walk to the living room where i see kaden watching a game on the t.v with some of the warriors. I smiled and he turned around and his mouth drop. "Wow you look beautiful" "Really? " "Yes you always look beautiful" "thanks you now let's go". We drove for a bit till we arrived at a cute diner. Kaden open the door for me and we went inside. We got a booth by the window and sat down. I grabbed kaden hand and intertwined our fingers together.

"Why did you want to bring me out for breakfast" "what i can't bring my mate out to eat" "Ok yes you got me there" he kisses my knuckles. "Hello welcome to Norma diner, I'm Stacy your waitress, what can I get you" i turn around when I see my worse nightmare. It's Stacy Miller, my tormentor from high school until I moved high schools. She looked as shocked as me but when she looked at kaden then at our hands she wanted to sneer at me but she didn't since kaden was there.

I felt tears brimmed my eyes and i look down. "Excuse me , i think I need some fresh air" "Babe are you ok" i gave him a fake smile and left the diner. Once i got outside i started hyperventilating. I started silently crying. "Adrian! Baby breathe, breathe with me" i tried really hard but my my breathing wasn't Getting better. Black dots were lining my vision. "Adrian come on babe, breathe please" was the last thing I heard before passing out.

Kaden ' s POV

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I was so confused and scared at this situation. I carried her into the car and put her in the front reclining the seat. I drove so fast , but carefully. I mind linked the pack doctor and told him I needed him pronto. I arrived and quickly took her to the infirmary and dr. Edwards helped her. They took blood work and did her vitals but told me to leave and wait in the lobby.

I was pacing back and forth when Alexa came in rushing in, "what the hell happen" "i don't know, we were gonna order then she was shocked to see the waitress and she had tears in her eyes and said she had to get fresh air and i found her outside hyperventilating, and i tried helping her but she fainted" i said really fast but she understood completely.

"What was the waitress name" she insisted, "i don't remember" "hurry up how could you not remember" "Sorry she wasn't important but it started with an s, i don't know if it was Sarah , Cindy, Stacy-" "Stacy" she exclaimed "yes it was Stacy" "Ohh god!, this isn't good" "what is it!". "She was Adrian's main tormentor, she bullied Adrian when she was in high school because she was 'fat'" "what!She was bullied, she never told me". She was gonna talk to but Edwards came the lobby.

"Ok so she had a panic attack, which is really bad because of her condition" "what do you mean 'condition'" "Alpha kaden, she's pregnant, I have to do a sonogram to see how far along she is" i was shell shocked. She's pregnant with my seed, I'm gonna be a dad  and suddenly my smile got big, I'm gonna be a dad.

Dr Edwards started doing the ultrasound and found she was about a month along and said that the baby was is growing healthy but ita small for its size and that she will keep an eye for that and gave me the pic of the sonogram. I kissed Adrian's knuckles and kissed her lips, "baby were gonna be parents" i whispered to her. I had told Dr Edwards to keep this between us.

Adrian still didn't wake up but i had spend the night to be near her and my seed now. I can't wait to be a dad and have someone call me daddy.

♡Sorry it's short but i had written it but then it got deleted so i had to rewrite it but yep she pregnant!


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