"Yes please," I said, getting off his lap.

"Come on then," Max coaxed me out of the lounge and grabbed a set of keys. We were just about to close the front door when Jack appeared at the foot of the marble stairs. He looked so gorgeous with his shirt untucked and tie undone. No, Chloe, Jack is a jerk, not sexy!

"Where are you taking her, Max?" Jack asked slowly.

"Home. Where else, brother Jacques?" Max turned to me and rolled his eyes dramatically. Ooh again with the accent... ahhh.

"No need, I will take her when I'm ready," Jack said through his teeth, avoiding my "WTF?!" stares.

"Well, I'm sorry to inform you Jacques, but Chloe is ready to go home whether you are or not so I am taking her like the gentleman that I am," Max said brusquely. And with that he closed the door in Jack's handsome face.

We went to the car park and Max gestured for me to get into a blue Lamborghini which I supposed was his car. I opened the door and stepped back expecting the door to swing outwards, but instead the door just slid upwards. Wow.

Once he had the car started and we were outside the iron gates and on the road, I felt I had to tell Max something.

"Max..." I started.

"Oui mon chéri," Max said with his sexy Frenchness.

"Um, I just wanted to say... thank you. Yeah, thank you for being my friend and standing up for me against Jack," I mumbled, staring into my lap.

"Hey, no problem. I know what Jacques is like with girls so I had to intervene," He smiled at me sexily and I blushed.

The rest of the ride home was mostly occupied with Max and I slagging off Jack and his filthy behaviour. I told Max which road was mine and he pulled up smoothly outside my house.

"Here we go, Chloe," he said, turning off the engine and we sat in silence for a few seconds. Suddenly, Max grabbed my neck quite roughly and his steady breathing stopped.

"What is this?" He asked, curiously, touching the love bite Jack had given me not so long ago. Although I could detect something else, something...darker in his voice. I shook that thought out of my head.

"Jack did it." I said, trying to turn away from him, for some reason I was embarrassed at Jack's actions. Max was quiet for another few seconds then he snapped out of his trance and pulled back and chuckled.

"What's so funny?" I asked, smiling just because he was.

"Oh nothing, just Jacques. Anyway, Chloe, I will be in London tomorrow and then I go back to France the next morning so I might see you if you babysit again tomorrow night." He looked at me hopefully. I made the mistake of looking into his light blue eyes and melted. He was just so sexy!

"Oh I'm sure Jack will have me babysitting again so don't worry I will see you before you leave." I smiled happily.

Max beamed and leant over and kissed me softly on the cheek. I was shocked. A slow blush worked its way up my neck as I touched my cheek where he had kissed me.

"I erm, I better be going now. Thanks for the ride, Max!" I said as I jumped out of the car and shut the door behind me.

Just before I closed the door I heard Max chuckle and say something so low that I couldn't interpret it even if I tried. I shook my head and made my way to my front door, took my keys out of my pocket and opened it.

I heard the TV on in the living room which meant Dad was still up. I went in, throwing my coat onto the sofa and plopping down next to him. He jumped and I laughed.

"Chloe, honey! You're back early, did Sir.Sinclaire drop you back?" My Dad asked.

"Um no... well, his brother Max offered first..." I said, trying to hide my smile, and not succeeding.

"His brother? Ohhhh you mean Maximilian Sinclaire... the one who owns that French banking company. Wow." I could tell my Dad was impressed.

"Erm yeah that one," I had no idea Max owned a bank but it didn't surprise me.

"So what's he like then this Max?" My Dad wouldn't just let it drop.

"Oh he's really nice, Dad. Much nicer than his ass of a brother," I said.

"Now, now. Sir Jacques Sinclaire is a well known and respected asset to this country and its markets, Chloe, you can't just go around assuming what people are like-" My Dad droned on.

"Yes Dad! I know whatever. UGH!" I got up from the sofa and ran upstairs to my room, slamming the door. As I got changed into my pajamas, I reflected on my current situation.

Why was everyone always on Jack's side? Was Max the only normal person in the world who also knew what Jack was really like? It sure seemed like it.

Although there were moments with Max that made me feel uneasy. Like he said one thing but meant another. But I liked him more than his brother that was for sure.

I don't know why I took such a shine to Max when I'd really only known him for a few hours. However, I suspected it had a lot to do with Jack... and possibly Ryan. Could it be that Max was my rebound guy? I scoffed and shook my head quickly, surely a multi-billionaire's brother would not be interested in little ole me. I thought back to the love bite Jack had given me and touched my neck involuntarily.

Could they BOTH be interested in me???!!!

Jhees, I had to stop thinking about Jack and his brother 24/7, my brain was beginning to ache from all the questions. That's it. No more thinking about asshole Jack or his nicer brother Max.

I tried to get to sleep but I just couldn't. I felt so restless. I decided to get out a magazine so I fished one off my bedside table and groaned when I saw the front page.

Jack's denim blue eyes stared back at me through the pair of clear ray bans I had seen him wearing before. Even though he was posing and doing a funny face... his eyes looked sad and empty. Just like he had looked earlier tonight when he looked up at me and looked so vulnerable.

Those few times when I had caught him looking so sad and distressed felt like I was seeing the real Jack... exposed and defenseless. What had happened to him in the past to make him like this? I couldn't even imagine.

Just thinking about him frustrated me so I threw the magazine away from me and heard it thud as it hit the floor. I grabbed another one and almost screamed out of frustration.

There was Max standing there and staring back at me with smoldering ice-blue eyes... Unlike Jack, I couldn't read anything from his expression or eyes. Either he wasn't thinking anything special... or he was hiding something very deep within.

It was strange how Jack and Max looked so alike but were so different in personality...

Wow I was getting weird in my tired-half asleep state. I threw the magazine onto the floor with the other one and soon fell into a restless sleep, full of dreams that I would not remember in the morning.

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