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0.09 ; failure is not an option

The next day of training is pretty much the same, except I attempt to learn new skills that might become useful in the arena. I am accompanied by Marvel at the snares station, where we construct a rather questionable animal trap from a few pieces of rope. Then Cato and I take a shot at bludgeoning with/throwing axes. Cato manages to decapitate a few dummies, but we conclude that he is better with a sword and I am better with knives. Although, if I did find an axe laying around, I wouldn't just abandon it, I'd hurl it at my nearest target and hope that it hits as well as my knives do.

The rest of the second day is uneventful.

By the third day of training, we have our alliance pretty much sorted. We initiate a new member, Zafira, the girl from 4, who is also a career and is a crack shot with a spear. Her district partner is only 12, and not a career, so it would be pointless even asking him.

We decided that it would be good to go around to each combat station and watch each other with the different weapons, so that is why I am stood in front of a large target with a bow, loaded with a sharp silver arrow, pulled back with it's string next to my eye. Glimmer says that it's her best weapon. Well, we're about to find out.

She pulls back the string, and releases the arrow. It slices through the air, almost whistling because of its speed. Then it lodges in the dummy's would-be ribs.

"What's gotten into me lately?" moans Glimmer, obviously frustrated "I can't shoot like I usually do! What's happening?"

I have to try my hardest not to laugh. Lets just say that, over the past few days, Glimmer is always 'not as good as usual'. Basically meaning that she is just generally rubbish and doesn't want people to know. She has also become much more annoying. She follows either me or Cato around constantly. I think that she wants me to be her friend. Ha, fat chance district 1. Never going to happen. 

One reason: the impending fight to the death starting at the end of the week. And she has also, much to my dismay (and anger) taken a rather 'too friendly' liking to Cato. It's not like I like him or anything, it's just that I don't want him to get taken over by her spell of beauty. She's dangerous, and it's got nothing to do with her combat skills. Those, to be frank, are terrible. It's the fact that she can just get everyone to like her by giving them a shining smile. She reminds me of Riley and Donna in a way. And I hate people like that.

"Try again Glimmer, I'm sure you'll be able to do it" says Zafira, patting Glimmer on the shoulder in encouragement. 

"I do hope so!" says Glimmer, straight back to her bouncy self. She aims a second arrow at the same target, and this time, she hits the heart. Only just though. Everyone applauds her enthusiastically, and I reluctantly join in. 

"Clove, what about you? You try now!" says Glimmer, almost bouncing.

I draw back the bowstring in answer, aiming my arrow straight at the heart of the dummy. I take a few deep breaths, even though it is pointless: I know that there is no way that I will hit my target. I let go of the string and the arrow flies through the air and lands in the dummy's kidney. Better than I expected, but still not exactly amazing. I'm sure there are better people. In fact, I'm certain.

"That's pretty good for someone that doesn't shoot" says Glimmer, clapping her hands together in praise. I practically ignore her, and pass my bow to Zafira.

After around an hour of stepping up to a podium, failing at hitting a target, and then watching the others rotate around and shoot, strike or throw perfectly, we are at the knives. Finally I can go back to my little friends, the ones that change me from average, small girl to raving lunatic career girl.