4. Goth Shadow

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Goth Shadow is Grim's and Reaper's daughter (Grim Shadow x Reaper Sans) she knows what goes on between them (Like Reaper having sex with Geno Shadow and Geno Sans but Grim knew about it and broke up with him twice for it and they get back together). The hood of her cloak is red and the rest is black, her shirt is part black, orange and the rest is dark brown and her sleeves are turquoise. Also her leggings are green and her boots are black. Her eyes are black and red but common for her eyes to bleed since she hallucinates and most of the times it happens so Grim cleans up the blood and sees that there aren't any cuts. Goth Shadow is also the sister of Goth Sans and they both act almost alike but she keeps low profile not letting anyone know about it (she knew about Reaper's 'buisness' when she was 13 nobody knew about it since she tells her mother Grim that Reaper had been cheating on her and it was true). Also her personality is almost the same as Goth Sans's but she is a bit playful

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