Chapter 18

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Daejeong's words were so harsh that Nayeon basically spent a sleepless night mulling over them. But now a new day has just come, and it's time to finally leave drama behind. That is, unless someone receives a strange phone call...

Jihyo: (picks up a phone) Hello? Who is it?

On the other line, Braulia is calling from her place near Fort Lauderdale.

Braulia: Nayeon? Hi? I can't hear you...

Jihyo: What?

Nayeon: Jihyo, who is it?

Braulia: Hey?

Jihyo: (to Nayeon) It's for you, unnie.

Nayeon: (picks the phone) H-hello?

Braulia: Hey. You slept well, right?

Nayeon: Well... I... I...

Braulia: (sighs) You still have issues with Middle Point, right?

Nayeon: Well, kind of. Still, I'm thinking of what Daejeong told me last night and-

Braulia: Hold on. You said Daejeong, right? What did I tell you about her?

Nayeon: You never told us to stay away from her.

Braulia: Yes, but I told you to pay attention. If she and Middle Point butt heads again, it's going to be a disaster.

Nayeon: Well... she butted heads with L... L...

Braulia: Lenzie, right? That's enough! I-

Nayeon: Leiann!

Braulia: What?

Nayeon: She looked so pissed off! It turns out things between her and Daejeong are bad, really bad! They used to date!

Braulia: I know. And I was pissed off when they broke up.

Nayeon: This means that you saw with your own eyes what that snake can do. She's such a manipulative bitch and-

Braulia: No, it's not because of Daejeong herself.

Nayeon: Then, why?

Braulia: That Ashlyn girl made them break up, with contribution by Amanda.

Nayeon: Oh shit.

Braulia: I know, it's shit. But don't tell Leiann or Daejeong that I told you. They'll chop my head—and yours—if you don't keep your mouth shut.

Nayeon: But I'm bad at keeping secrets.

Braulia: Just don't tell them, okay. Anyway, I'm supposed to back in town for some... unfinished business. I guess we'll see soon. (Hangs up)

Nayeon: (to Jihyo) I'm screwed.

Jihyo: Why?

Nayeon: How am I supposed to keep such a secret? There are cameras everywhere.

Jihyo: Maybe Daejeong herself knows the truth and wants to spill it.

Nayeon: I don't think so. She was upset last night.

Jihyo: You might still hate her, but there are much worse people than her out there, do you remember?

Nayeon: (gulps) Y-yes.

Jihyo: Let's go. And try not to think of them, okay?

Nayeon: O-okay.

If, on one hand, TWICE want to get rid of drama once for all, on the other one, Leiann is desperate. She regrets snapping at Daejeong that way and treating her like shit. Things have been tense between the two of them lately, but she's under the impression that both finally reached their breaking point.

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