Chapter 42: Not Today

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The Silver Scorpion laughed.

'Oh, how surprised you all look! It really is quite satisfying. You're only children, did you honestly think you could sneak up on me?'

His steed took a single step forward, leg crushing the tiles beneath with a sickening crack.

'Our goal wasn't to surprise you,' Colt growled, stepping in front of the others protectively.

'Is that so?' Ryn could hear the smirk forming beneath his motionless mask. 'Then please, tell me. What did you hope you would achieve? Are you trying to... stop me?'

'We want the Mayor's daughter, back,' Toni hissed.

'Of course, you do. Why else do you think I took her? There's nothing you try-hard, wannabe heroes like more than a good innocent citizen to rescue, is there? You're all so predictable.'

Ryn grated her teeth together. Colt's suspicion was right. This had been a trap. And they had walked right into his waiting claws.

'You kidnapped a child, you monster!' Kiley screeched from somewhere behind her.

He laughed again.

'Monster? Well, well, well, isn't that a bit hypocritical? As of yesterday's, news report, I believe it was you who had the Monster.' He gazed around. 'And where is that giant dog of yours, anyway? I have a slight bone to pick with it, after it destroyed two of my creations. I don't think you children appreciate just how long I spent making them.'

He doesn't know that he's looking straight at him, Aderyn realised, and judging by the way Colt set his jaw, he had obviously determined the same thing. Perhaps they still had one element of surprise left in store.

'Oh, yes, please,' Jackson began, with mock earnest, 'Take us for a tour around your giant beetle workshop. We'd honestly love to destroy that, too.'

'They're arachnids, you moron,' The Scorpion growled, his silver-gloved hands clenching in fury. 'You'd do well to remember that.'

'Does it really matter? They're both easy enough to crush.'

'The only thing getting crushed around here, today, will be your skulls. Followed closely by this city's spirits!'

'Wow...' Darcy whistled, before adding in a sing-song voice. 'Somebody's being dramatic.'

The giant scorpion lurched forward, and Aderyn instinctively shot up into the air, as the others scattered.

The momentum carried the machination into the wall, where it bounced off, spinning around to face the smaller humans, running around the ground wildly, like ants before a storm.

Only, Ryn could see the slight method to their madness.

Elliot and Jackson were taking stances further away, preparing their aim.

Colt was dragging Quentin out of the line of danger whilst Darcy and Elizabeth ran hand-in-hand, towards the metal creature with determined war cries.

It snapped out at them, but the claw travelled right through their bodies and into one of the columns supporting the arching ceiling above. The Silver Scorpion let out a frustrated growl as the impact jarred him, crouching down for better balance.

'Careful, Scorpy,' Darcy jeered. 'Keep pulling stunts like that and you're going to fall off your horse.'

Just as he rounded on them again, Elliot shot out a bolt of lightning, the electricity arcing across the room with a thunderous clap.

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