The longtime friends

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Never the fortress of Metel had appeared so distant to the soldiers. The convoy to Arzas was not the most cheerful.

Between the fear of an attack and the constant disputes of Mayek and Yiris, each one dreamed of calm and security. Alexandre was the alone to wish that this journey didn't stop, as he feared the end.

Before leaving, Meinmet had spent an hour to preach him making the promise to always remain concentrated.
The old man had difficulty to hide that the dispute of his protege with Yiris had probably caused him the fear of his life.

Not knowing what had happen to him, as in the case of the melef, Alexandre was only able to promise to do everything he could, without any guarantee that no incident would occur again.

Seated in the nacelle of a giant buffalo, he followed with a distracted ear the debates between the generals.

In fact, at first, limped facing Alexandre, Yiris couldn't help her descending to argue with her colleague, borrowing the horse of a soldier who had understood nothing of what has happened to him.

Alexandre hadn't shown it too much but he had been relieved that this face-to-face was over. However, on the other hand, he found himself again lost in his interminable reflections.
All these new faces, these information, he felt that he had all the elements, but, yet, the truth always seemed to stand before him, hidden behind an opaque fabric.

Suddenly, the disillusioned voice of the coachman of the buffalo took him out of his meditation.

"You don't find that Yiris and Mayek are two big kids?"
"It's a fact... It's hard to believe they're generals!" Confirmed Alexandre.
"And each travel, it's the same. Since the reformation of the army, these two spend their time to squabble ... This time, they did not even take their seconds, in order to be able to dispute without being interrupted, no luck! "

Hearing this, the passenger couldn't help him letting a little laugh escape.

"Where you are," the coachman resumed, "you don't hear the gossip, but I can assure you are actually considered as the most unhappy man of Fanelia!"
"Yes, obviously, we talk a lot about your appearance, but especially everyone complains you have to bear Yiris all day. The rumor of your little confrontation has spread throughout the city, there are not many who dare to stand up to her ... "
"You know, I don't think she's so terrible ..."

As he said these words, Alexandre smiled. His cohabitation with the general wasn't exactly a restful. She shouted, had any manners, and above all, she snored to cross the walls!

"It was you who said that!" His interlocutor said, laughing. "In any case, her reputation is well established. You know she had built a nice patrimony with her duels?"
"What do you mean?"
"Before the final appointment of generals, tribal leaders loved to provoke themselves, and soon it turned out badly, they began to bet goods ... That's how Yiris picked up a barely open brothel. At the time, this had been the subject of all gossip."
"She has a brothel?" Alexandre said, disturbed.
"Yes, this is also the sister of his second who is the madam. It is a well-filled and maintained establishment. It attracts a good clientele, well, except when Constantin goes there.
However, the girls are all about twenty years old and no small damsels, only experienced ... Some will say that it's a lack.
Finally, the person is special ... Her little love affair with Hylden, it also set the mood."

A brothel, a personal affair with a married man, all for a woman, the first of Gaea to reach the rank of general, this was a lot.

Alexandre was more and more intrigued by the personality of his bodyguard.

"What you know about this story with Hylden?"
"Honestly, what the rumors say, it's anythingand everything!" The coachman answered. "But in my humble opinion, they don't just talk about war strategy when they're together ... In any case, the wife of the general, Kyria, has only one dream, get rid of Yiris!"

Yiris and Hylden, here is a strange couple. Alexandre had already noticed the existence of a link stronger between the two one than other working in the army. However, if the young general sometimes had equivocal glances at his colleague, he had never seemed to receive the same from this latter.

Otherwise, he saw nothing strange. And anyway, it didn't interest him.

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