Chapter 10

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Screaming I placed a hand over my mouth. Turning round in a panic I noticed Jared take the silencer of his gun before slipping it back into his cut. He shot him, he shot him dead.

"Jared" Blaze snapped "What the fuck did I tell you before we drove out here".

They were acting all calm while I was over here having palpations. They had just shot a man dead. Looking at Jimmys lifeless body I felt the bile rise in the back of my throat. Bending over at the side of my car I began to spew my guts up. 

"He called us thugs. We're a respectable motorcycle club" Jared barked back.

Wiping the side of my mouth I turned to face them. Feeling my body shake I wiped the tears that were spilling from my eyes. I couldn't move, couldn't process what just happened. What if someone seen and they've called the cops? I couldn't breath.

"Get this shit cleaned up" Blaze roared causing me to jump "Ava" He snapped closing the distance between us and grabbing onto my shoulders.

"Don't touch me" I screamed backing away from him "Don't fucking touch me. You're a monster" I croaked "You're all monsters". 

"Get used to it sweetheart" Jared smirked as he walked towards Jimmys body.

Gritting my teeth I turned and ran back inside. What was I going to do? A man was lying dead in my driveway. Pulling at my hair a strangled cry made its way up my throat and out my mouth. This can't be happening. This sort of thing doesn't happen to me.

"We have to go"..

Jumping slightly I backed away from Blaze. I couldn't go with them, not now not ever. My full body was shaking as he started walking closer to me. Backing away further my breath caught in my throat when my back hit the wall. Jared had just shot a man dead infront of my eyes for nothing.

Watching him dig a hand into his pocket he pulled out a cigarette, lighting it he passed it to me.

"I don't want a fucking cigarette. I want you to leave me alone" I cried "He just killed a man Blaze. Right infront of my eyes. Y-you have to leave" I stuttered falling over my feet as I tried to move round him.


"Don't Ava me" I screamed causing him to grab me and place his hand over my mouth.

"You need to calm down. What you just witnessed out there is nothing to what we do" He whispered "Jared gets carried away sometimes. Promise you won't scream and I'll remove my hand".

Sobbing I closed my eyes and nodded my head. As he removed his hand from my mouth I moved to the other side of the livingroom.

"We hitting the road?" Jared asked as he casually strolled through the front door like nothing happened.

"You and Tommy head out. We'll head out later" Blazed said causing me to glare at him. I wasn't going anywhere definitely not with him. "Get rid of that body before you go" He snapped

Taking orders like the ass he is Jared strolled out of my house banging the door shut behind him. 

"You may as well go with them because I'm going no where with you" Bringing my hand up to my mouth I started chewing on my nails.

"Go get some sleep. I'll wake you up when we need to leave" He said completely ignoring me.

"Did you not just hear me?" I screamed "I'm not going anywhere. Now get out of my house before I call the cops".

Snapping his head up in my direction his eyes fell into slits "You wouldn't dare" He snarled causing my heart to skip a beat. "I'll drag you down with me sweetheart".

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