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It was truly fascinating how much life could change with the blink of an eye

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It was truly fascinating how much life could change with the blink of an eye. One moment, Nicole wasn't a superhero and the next, she was protecting the people of New York City along with Peter. Life had been so strange since the day she had gotten her powers. The climax had definitely been the fight with the Vulture who was revealed to be Adrien Toomes, Liz Allen's father and major weapons dealer.

She had a lot of sympathy for Liz. Now, she would have to listen to the constant rumours and whispers in the dark, about her father. Nicole had no sympathy for the man himself though. The Vulture had nearly ended up killing her and Peter, and both of them had been very badly hurt. If not for their metabolism and healing ability, they would definitely not be walking into school unscathed.

It was a somber day in school anyway, since Liz was leaving. Brandon had cancelled the coding club meeting because of this so she had ended up wandering around the school building with nothing to do. Or at least till she received a text message from an unknown number, about which she had a feeling she knew who it was from.

'Wait near the boy's bathroom.'

This was a very strange message that Nicole had received, but not the strangest ever. She arrived in front of the door and leaned on the wall opposite it, with a bulletin board covering nearly half of it. She pretended to look down on her phone as the door opened up, not daring to look up and meet the person's eyes, lest they became suspicious of her standing outside the boy's bathroom.

Then, the door opened for the second time and she heard a familiar voice say her name. Her eyes shot up only to see Peter walk out of the room, followed by Happy. Of all people, she hadn't expected him to be at school. Then again, it's not like Mr. Stark would show up? Or would he?

"Come on," Happy motioned towards the direction of the exit. "We gotta go."

The trio started walking together towards the exit. As they walked down the ling corridor, Nicole sidled up to Peter, asking in a whisper, "Where exactly are we going?"

"The new Avengers compound!" Peter whispered back in excitement as they neared the exit. "Apparently, Mr. Stark wants to meet us."

"Okay, okay," Nicole mumbled to herself. "Sounds cool."

She was being very nonchalant about it, but she was excited about meeting Mr. Stark. Who wouldn't? It was freaking Iron Man after all. Maybe she'd even catch a glimpse of Miss Walters since she hadn't heard from her since their last phone call. Yup, she definitely was not freaking out at the prospect of going to Avengers compound.


The ride upstate was pretty uneventful. Peter and Nicole had sat together in the backseat and she had finally manage to make him listen to All Time Low, which happened to one of her favorite bands ever. And much to her pleasure, he really liked the music. There had also been some very awkward moments where the two had almost end up with their hands on top of each other, but Nicole had pulled away just in time. No time for those kind of situations right now.

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