Chapter 28-Unexpected Company

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Usually, Nick is the first to wake up, but today I was. Last night, he came back in the room after his long conversation with someone. He promised he'd make breakfast in the morning before we headed out to South Carolina, but I guess he forgot.

I told Stella about the trip this morning. She didn't want me traveling alone with Nick. Hopefully, things will be fine since she confessed what she said about Colin wasn't true. They're still together, but I don't know why she told me they weren't. Apart from her changing vamp, I feel like she hasn't been acting normal.

We picked Jax and Willow up from camp this morning. Let's just say it was very hard for them to sit still in the car for nine hours.

However, none that really bothered me. It's so great to escape! Even if just for a week.

"Boat! Mommy, look!" Jax yells behind me as we pull up to the bay side hotel.

Nick drops us off right outside the hotel, it sits right off the highway, beside the huge "Cathill Harbor" sign.

Willow clutches my hand tighter. Her little hand pointing at two teens running by us.

"Ice cream," she says while watching two teens run off with dripping cones.

"We'll get some later. We're going to find our room first while daddy parks."


After I sign us in, we go up to the tenth floor. Before I can set any of my things down, my phone rings. With a huff, I lean my suitcase against one of the dressers while the kids play on the couch by the sliding glass doors of the balcony.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey, Val. Did you get in okay? I'm really sorry about yesterday."

"Oh no worries! We just got here, everything's going great," I laugh lightly thinking about her outburst last night. I sort of feel inclined to ask, but for some reason I don't bother bringing it up. "How are you doing?" I ask instead.

"Well, actually, I..."

"Go ahead, I'm all ears. You know you can move back into your old place if your still uncomfortable-" I start to say.

"I'm here!" she laughs nervously.

"What do you mean?"

My question is answered almost immediatly when the door opens and in walks Nick. Behind him, a tall woman dressed in a black swimsuit with a floppy sun hat and sandals. Stella bursts in the room ahead of Nick, tossing her sunglasses on one of the beds.

Nick shakes his head without saying anything and heads for the kids.

"You came," I say while trying to not appear uncomfortable. "Looks like you're all ready for the beach."

"I want a break from it all too. I didn't think you'd mind. My room is just down the hall," she says sheepishly. "Colin came too."

"Why didn't you tell me? We could have driven down together."

Nick looks over at us, or more accurately, Stella. She heaves her large beach tote off the ground without watching me as she heads for the door. "I figured you would say 'no'. Colin booked dinner at a place a few blocks down from our hotel! I'm starving."

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