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Awsten smiles down at his phone as he texts Thea back after he gets the picture she sent him of the twins all up and ready for the day paired with the text they miss dad already.  He sends back that he misses them, and her, too and asks what they're up to.

The text for a little while longer before the plane with Awsten's family on it finally lands and passengers start making their way out.  He spots his sister first and then his parents right behind her and goes over towards them.  His mom sees him first and her eyes light up.

"Awsten," she exclaims happily, hurry over to hug him.

"Hey, mom," he replies with a smile as he hugs her before greeting the rest of his family.

"Okay, yeah, now, where are the babies?" Gracie asks with a grin.  "I wanna meet my nieces!  And Thea?"

"Wow, really feeling the love," Awsten scoffs playfully, knowing Gracie knew of Thea long before he did, "missed you too.  The twins are at home with Thea, there wasn't enough room in the car for us all so she's getting breakfast and stuff ready for everyone."

"Oh, is she?" Awsten's mom speaks up, trying not to be suspicious of every little thing but unable to help herself.

"Mom," he starts off hesitantly as they walk over to baggage claims, "you don't gotta be protective here.  Thea is good, I promise."

"Of course," she responds with a nod, trying to hide her worries.

"She seems very nice from all you've told us," his dad chimes in.

"And all the pictures," Gracie teases, nudging him as he grabs her suitcase for her.  "Mom's already got enough to fill a photo album of all the family pictures you've been sending over."

"Never miss a chance to document art," he shoots back with a fond smile, "you should see how many I haven't sent.  Got so many folders on my phone just full of them.  Sorry, I'm gonna start rambling.  How have y'all been?"

"Oh my god, ramble," Gracie encourages, "tell us literally everything; you just became a parent!  Tell us about the twins!"

His parents nod in agreement and he happily starts going on and on about the twins.  He goes on about them all the way home as his nerves start building up.  He wants to make sure everything is perfect and his family loves Thea and gets along well with her but he knows that there's hesitancy from his family to trust her after his last relationship.  He understands the paranoia and he knows they just want to look out for him but he finds himself resenting it, wishing they would just trust him.  He doesn't voice those concerns though, knowing it would lead to a conversation he isn't ready to have.

They get to the house and head inside and can smell the food cooking and faintly hear Thea humming along to a song he sent her that was recorded right around the time Turbulent was.  It's much softer and he can't help but smile at her humming as it flows through the house.  The humming is cut short when she hears the door close.

"Aws?" she calls out, flipping a pancake.

"Yeah," he replies before turning to his family.  "Y'all can leave your suitcases right over here for now, we'll get rooms situated after breakfast."

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