Jo takes a deep breath and says: "I am sorry...I know you didn't....I mean....It's not personal....It's...I don't know...." She sighs, unable to find the words. Jake gets up and gives her a sad smile. He walks to the other side of the bar and plugs his phone into the sound system behind it, he presses a few buttons and 'Best of you' by the Foo Fighters plays through the bar. He leans back and watches her from a distance. She looks at him and graces him with a grateful smile, before softly singing along to the song. She still feels just as safe with Jake as she did when she first laid eyes on him. Such a strange feeling that she is totally not familiar with. But nevertheless exactly what she needs right now. She looks at him, still humming to the music and wondering why he's so helpful to her. Is it because the woman he loved? He doesn't seem like the kind of man that opens up easily or that likes sharing his personal space. He walks over to her at the other side of the bar and hands her a piece of paper. She lifts up her eyebrows slightly, before looking at it. He drew a map for her, from the bar to a cross with some music notes drawn next to it. At the bottom of the map is a phone number scribbled down.

He waits for her to look up from the piece of paper, before talking: "I thought you might enjoy exploring the area a bit today. And if you use my treasure map, you will definitely find a musical treasure. And at the bottom is my phone number. If there's anything at all, call me. Or just tell people you know Jake Henderson. I am pretty well known around here. I advise you to stay away from the bar for the afternoon, because there will be a gathering of men watching football here." Jo frowns, wondering why he is telling her to stay away. He sees the confusion on her face and adds: "They are all decent guys, but they drink too much when they watch football and they can get very riled up. And I don't think that you should be around them right now." He sees the emotion in her eyes as she understands what he is trying to say and she nods, giving him a soft smile. He says: "If you do want to come 'home', just use the backdoor and you can avoid walking past them." Jo places her hand on top of Jake's hand resting on the bar and squeezes it slightly. "Dankjewel!" He smiles as he remembers the Dutch 'thank you' all to well. And watches her walk out of the bar with a bit of a spring in her step.

The second she steps outside, she feels the sun on her face, like it's welcoming her to her new life. She looks at Jake's map and starts walking towards the red X on it. A smile starts forming on her face as she watches all the happy people living their lives. About halfway down to the 'treasure', she hears drums. "Drums? Out here?" She starts walking faster towards the music, smiling wide as she sees a group of percussionists at the end of the road. Surrounded by people clapping and dancing, they bang their drums with so much joy, that Jo can't help but smile even wider. All she feels in that moment is happiness and she starts dancing to the beat of the drums. She totally forgets everything for a while.

She turns to look at the ocean in the distance and sees a hand full of surfers catching waves. The ocean has always fascinated her, ever since she was a kid. She could look at the water for hours, as the wind pulled at her hair. She slowly starts to walk towards the beach, breathing in the fresh air. As she reaches the sand, she sits down to take her shoes and socks off and sinks her toes into the warm sand with a happy sigh. Her eyes wander over the ocean to watch the surfers absentmindedly. A relaxed feeling comes over her, one she hasn't felt in years. She leans back on her elbows and hums a song.

Suddenly something catches her eye, a surfer walks from the ocean, with his board under his arm. He pulled his wetsuit down to his hips and shows off an amazing chest and strong arms. Jo feels her cheeks flush as she looks at him, while he comes a bit closer before reaching his towel. He seems tall from where she is sitting, and has blonde half long, tousled hair. She feels hot all of a sudden and giggles a bit to herself. He sure is easy on the eyes and totally confident about himself. He turns to face the ocean and he pulls his wetsuit down, giving Jo a very nice view of this firm butt. Jo coughs to herself, unable to look away as her cheeks turn an even deeper red. He puts on some shorts and gathers his things, before walking towards her. Jo slowly swallows, still staring at him. As he comes closer, he seems to notice her staring. A crooked smile appears on his lips and right before he walks past her, he winks at her. Leaving Jo all flustered and afraid to look over her shoulder. "Jeez, I must look like a schoolgirl. Heck, I feel like one. But wow, what a handsome guy. I sure hope he lives around here. So I can run into him again."

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