Chapter 2

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"He's literally been screaming his lungs out for the past 2 hours. Did you peharps manage to get hold of his family? Or maybe a friend of his?" Dr J.J asked one of the nurses with a very concerned expression on his face. Jimin was in a diabetic coma and had been admitted into the hospital. He's been holding on to Dr J.J's coat crying non stop. The Dr was supposed to have left an hour ago but the boy just wouldn't budge. He cried so much that he had to be assigned to his own room to avoid all the noise he made for the other patients. " His mother is on the way sir," replied the nurse as he headed out of the room leaving Dr J.J with a whining Park Jimin.

The Doctor sighed heavily, he was honestly quite exhausted. He needed to get home and just rest before he starts making mistakes. He looked down at the boy laying on his chest and smiled to himself. He kinda looks cute though, thought Dr J.J as he held on to the boy who was seemingly calming down and drifting off to sleep. Dr J.J totally understood the amount of shock he was going through. He is a diabetic himself and has been for the past 10 years of his life. It's actually part of the reason he decided to become a Doctor. It would be easier to help the patients because then he fully understands what they are experiencing. Maybe he could even find a cure to this chronic condition one day, who knows.His thoughts were interrupted as a short petite woman, probably approaching her 50's rushed into the room with swollen eyes, clearly evident she had been crying. Dr J.J tried to free himself from Jimin's hold but boy, the guy is strong regardless of how tiny and squeezable he looked. Shit focus J.J, show some manners."What are you doing holding on to my son?" The woman glared at Dr J.J. "uhmm ma'am he was uhmm" The Dr's voice was cut off by Jimin's tiny whine as he repositioned himself in the Dr's hold. His mother rushed to his side to wake him " sweety mommy is here, Minnie?" Jimin slowly opened his swollen eyes and let go of the poor Dr who wasn't even aware he was holding his breath. Jimin literally jumped into his mother's embrace as he weeped even more " It's okay sweetheart, all will be well" The woman comforted her son as her own tears fell onto her cheeks. It was so endearing to the Dr to see the love. He walked over to the nearby desk to grab a file.

" Uhmm sorry ma'am I didn't properly introduce myself. I'm Dr Jeon Jungkook, Jimin's doctor". He held out his hand which the mother shook with her own. Jimin's mind was still lingering on the Doctor's name which he hadn't realised he actually didn't know until now. So he's Mr Jeon. Why am I showing interest to everything relating to this man. I swear he could take a shit and I'd still be enticed. " Mrs Park?" Jeon furthered. "No that's his father's surname,  I'm Min Soyu, pleasure to meet you Doctor", responded the mother. " Well ma'am your son is diabetic, may I just find out if there's anyone in the family who has the condition?", asked Dr Jeon," Yes sir, my late father and brother both", Ms Min answered. " Alright we are just waiting for the blood results to confirm that it is indeed diabetes. We will also know whether it's type 1 or type 2 but from the look of things it is most probably type 1. So that is the genetic diabetes that generally shows itself during teenage years or early adulthood. How old are you Jimin-sshi?" Dr J.J inquired, " Uhm, 21 in....2...2 weeks" Jimin responded seemingly sobbing more into his mother's beige blouse that was starting to get wet. "Jimin, I'm diabetic too you know, you are in the right hands I  promise you all will be alright. It is a fairly manageable condition really, you just need to ensure you eat right and you excercise regularly especially if you are a type 1". Dr. Jeon's words seemed to have startled the young man, he looked up to the Dr who gave him a bunny smile and Jimin couldn't help but let out a small smile amidst all the tears and before he knew it these words had slipped out of his mouth" Hyung, I mean Dr,can I take you out on a date?" Jimin's mother lightly hit Jimin's forehead while a smirk played on Dr J.J's lips. "Of course not like a date date, just let's grab coffee together and like you could teach me about diabetes and stuff" Jimin clarified while a tiny blush playing on his cheeks. " Ohh well if we'll be drinking decaffeinated coffee with of course non-sugar sweeteners then I guess that can be arranged, but first let's get you out of this diabetic coma ", the Dr responded with a light chuckle.His heart had jumped excitedly weird enough when Jimin had mentioned going on a date. Focus J.J he's so young and you have a boyfriend already. J.J's subconscious scolded him.  "And how long will that take if I may ask?" Jimin's mother asked the Dr with so much hope in her eyes." Well Jimin's sugar was 17 mmol/L when we first diagnosed him so we just need to lower it and make sure it's stable at the normal range of 4-5.5 mmol/L.That can then help the dietician establish a meal plan for him and for us to set the relevant amounts of insulin he has to take daily, so hopefully in 3-7 days all should be well. We will also have to send in a diabetic educator, a podiatrist, and an optometrist to talk to him about some changes and precautions he would need to take going forward living with the condition". Dr Jeon explained.

"Insulin?" Jimin asked worriedly,"as in inject myself?","Yes sir" the doctor replied shortly a bit saddened to see the shock on Jimin's face. "Noo!I didn't sign up for this, mom please tell him I don't do well with needles?", Jimin whined as he buried his head in the pillow, tears evidently brimming at his eyes. " Don't worry Jimin, we will take this step by step, it truly isn't as bad as it sounds". Dr Jeon responded while opening a file he had just received from a nurse who had just walked in. " Yep, blood tests confirm it is indeed type 1 diabetes. So basically the beta cells of your pancreas have all died so now it can't produce any insulin, which is why the only option for you is to manually take insulin, by injecting that is" Dr. Jeon said. " Can't I like drink some insulin pills or something?" Jimin asked his tears finally streaming down his cheeks. " Unfortunately not sweety" The Dr responded and immediately internally scolded himself for using such an informal term of endearment with Jimin. This is why I never work overtime. JK thought, let me just head home.

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