1. Classic Shadow

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Classic Shadow is a caring person (like the other good versions of her). She may be blind she does have good aim and could get perfect hit/bull's eye at a record of 50 times it's impossible to fool her since she's the master/mistress of jokes. Shadow does support others for who they are big or small, skinny or not, or even lesbian/gay. She may be lazy she will help Papyrus out a bit on cleaning whether or not if she's going to make excuses she just doesn't make one up (unless if she doesn't want to mention the trauma of her past). Just avoid bringing up her past she'll be laid back, caring, childish and even humorous. When she was 13 her brother had been doing weed and abusing Shadow (sexually *cough*) and when she was 4 her mother started giving her beatings but not with the whip. And age of 6 she had been hit with the whip on her arms and started getting bullied in kindergarten due to being abused at home. Age of 7 she had her throat slit and had to get stitches. Age of 8 had the scar on her left eye. Age of 9 Shadow had started getting a few whip marks on her back. Age of 10 getting bit on the stomach if she 'did anything wrong' though she was a good girl. Age of 11 getting cuts on her stomach. Age of 12 getting kicked on the back and her stomach. Age of 13 more whip marks on the back. Age of 14 getting hit on the back of the head with the bat occasionally. When she was 15 she gotten hit with the whip but had been tired of it and killed her brother days before she turned 16 since every year on her birthday she gets more beatings until bed time.

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