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"Do you have your gym uniform?" Asu asked the girl. They stood on the pathway in between both changing rooms. The other Sports Club members surrounded them. Haya had already been introduced to them before this little discussion happened.

"I think so," Haya answered unsurely. She suddenly remembered putting her gym uniform in. "Yes, I do!" She grinned.

"Great! We're hitting the changing rooms then we'll go onto the track!" Aso shouted at all the members. The boys cheered and ran to their changing room. Asu laughed and pulled Haya to their changing room.

They went to their separate lockers. "Y'know, Haya!" Asu shouted from across the changing rooms. They changed at their lockers, knowing the other couldn't see each other. Well, Asu didn't mind but Haya sure did. She didn't mind being seen in a towel or swimsuit as long as her parts were covered. "I'll be really happy if you joined the Sports Club. I'll finally have another girl with me!"

Haya was tempted to join the club now but she didn't want to go into something half-assed. She wanted to do something she enjoyed not something she forced herself into. 

They changed into their gym uniforms and walked outside. Asu lead her to the gymnasium. There they found the other boys warming up. "First, we go to warm up and stretch our muscles so we don't pull anything!" she pretty much yelled with enthusiasm. 

Asu and Aso lead the warmup. They did arms, twisted their hips, bent down to reach their toes and a lot of other stuff. Mantaro noticed Haya having troubles bending down and immediately noticed the problem. He slid over to her and said, "You shouldn't lock your knees in."

Haya looked up in surprise. "Really?" 

Mantaro nodded and she smiled at him. She bent her knees only slightly and leaned down, her eyes wide when she noticed she could reach further down. Her fingertips managed to graze her feet and she jumped up with a fist in the air. "Yes! Thank you!" They exchanged smiles and Mantaro continued to help her out with her stretches, correcting her whenever she did something wrong. 

From beside them, the Rito twins couldn't stop the burning jealousy they felt. But they hid it and fueled it as motivation. They were going to show off just how better they were than Mantaro. 

"Let's hit the track!"

Haya jogged outside with Asu and they stood at the beginning end of the track. "Stay at your own pace, okay?" Aso reassured her. "You don't have to go super fast even if you can't. Don't push yourself too hard." He gave her a little pat on the shoulder before he took off. She watched him go, eyes wide at his speed. Guess it was true about him being in the Olympics

Asu slapped her back gently, pushing her forward. "Don't just stand there, let's run!" 

"Hai!" Haya gave the blonde a cheerful smile and they both took off. The pace was slow for both of them at the beginning, gradually quickening by every second. Both twins were surprised to see how fast she could go. She said she didn't know sports but her body said otherwise. She was flexible enough when in the right positions, her legs managed to go faster than most students not in the Sports club. 

Her feet pounded against the ground, her face being whipped by the wind. Her whole body was pushing its limits but she found herself enjoying it. Everyone could see the smile on her face and the little spurts of giggles when she realised she could pass some of the other members. 

Itachi admired her from afar. Finally, there was a girl who was just as fit as him, only a bit less. Asu was fit but she wasn't his type. He preferred a shyer type, a cute girl, and it looked like he found his jackpot.

Unagi and Haya slowed to a stop together at the end, taking deep breaths to calm themselves down. "Let's make a bet," he told her.

Haya looked up from where she leant down slightly, hands on her knees. "What kind?"

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