Chapter 2

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Sorry if I don't update this one as often, still trying to figure out how it should all be setup! <3


The next morning, Benji woke up to pouring rain, which seemed appropriate. The women were probably arriving today since his parents wanted to do it quick so Benji didn't have time to change his mind. As gloomy as it was, he had to start the day. An array of servants entered his room, all bowing, then scurrying around as if they were in a rush. Which they never were, Benji hated having strict time schedules. But today seemed different. Instead of one or two people helping him dress and get ready for the morning, there had to have been at least ten. 

"What's going on?" Benji asked, hoping one of the maids would answer. 

"It's a very special day, Your Highness." Benji shrugged. He wasn't going to get a better answer than that. His father probably planned it all anyways. He got out of bed in only boxers, he stopped being embarrassed about it at age eleven, it was something he just had to get used to. One of the butlers pulled out a stiff navy suit, one that must have been purely made for today. After getting on his pants and overcoat, he adjusted his cuff links, making sure they weren't too loose or tight. He still wondered why there were over five people in there, only three of them assisted him in getting ready for the morning. 

They styled his hair, it never took much, only a comb to run through it a couple of times. Benji insisted he do it, but they wouldn't budge. They had their hands all over him. He grabbed one of his crowns that weren't too over the top, only having a few red and yellow jewels to match Spain's flag. 

"His Majesty has directed us to tell you to meet him in the dining room, the ladies are already here. Aren't you excited? Your future wife will be in that room." The maid did a last touchup, sending him out of the room. 


Benji made his way down the marble staircase that was at the front of the palace. It was nothing short of extravagant. To this day he still wondered where all the money came from. Probably taxes. He could almost hear the conversations coming from all the way down the hall. 

When he walked through the threshold, he was greeted by five girls, all standing up in a hurry to bow. They looked to all be eating, sitting at a long table facing another smaller table where his father and mother were sitting. 

"Your Highness," They all said in unison. Some of the girls were ridiculously dressed up, makeup covering themselves head to toe. Benji couldn't tell if he was flattered or weirded out.

"You may be seated ladies." Benji walked around the room to a table at the front of the room, sitting in the middle of the King and Queen. "I apologize for being late, but I can assure you that you will enjoy your time here at Spain's wonderful palace." As he met eyes with each of the girls, he noticed a table marker with their name and country in front of them. He recognized a few from parties he would go to as a child, as each of the girls were probably princesses or daughters of powerful people. His family was all about connections. 

"So, why are they all here at once, father?" Benji whispered into the King's ear. 

"I've brought you a selection of women, from all over the world. They are princesses of high power, which will benefit the palace no matter who you choose. You will choose a girl from this bunch, and you may send home whoever you want. But do not make wreckless or hasty decisions. I am trusting you." His father didn't make the speech to sound caring, it was more of a threat. 

"Yes, father." After breakfast, the girls piled out into the living quarters, which was basically just an oversized living room. Knowing his father would be disappointed if he didn't, Benji went in to talk with each of the ladies, hoping one would strike a chord with him. 

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