Chapter 9-Gabbie

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Jacks POV
I wake up with Zach in my arms. I think I might have a crush on him. But I can't be gay. Nobody would except me and I'd lose all my friends. Why is life soo
hard? I get up from bed leaving Zach there and start making breakfast.

Zach's POV
I wake up and Jacks not there. I get up and head downstairs to see Jack cooking breakfast. "Good morning" he says. "Morning" I mumbled. I sat on a chair by the island. He gives me a plate of pancakes and eggs. "Thank you" I say muffled because I have pancake shoved in my mouth. "Your welcome" Jack laughed. Jack and I finished eating and started playing Fortnite. We finished playing and then my phone started ringing. I pick it up and see my moms calling
"Hey mom"
"Hey honey, it's time to come home because you need to watch Ryan and Reese"
"Okay, love you"
"Love you too"
I hung up. "I have to go watch Ryan and Reese, maybe we can hang out again another day" I say. "Okay, see ya" he responds. "Bye" I wave while walking backwards. I bump into the door. "Oops" Jack starts laughing. "Bye Zach"
I get to my house and say bye to my mom because she's going out to have lunch with friends. I stay and watch Reese mainly because Ryan is playing video games. My mom comes home with Kristen and Isla. "Hey, where's Jack?" I ask Kristen. "He's out with his girlfriend" "oh, okay" I didn't know Jack had a girlfriend. I guess I was right. He was just playing with my feelings.

Jacks POV
I felt like I needed to get my mind off Zach so I got a girlfriend. Her names Gabbie and she is really kind and all but I can't get my mind off Zach. I like Gabbie but more like a friend. We go to get ice cream. She slips her hand into mine. It just doesn't feel right. I'm just going to go with it.

Zach's POV
There's a knock on the front door. "Can you get the door Zach?" My mom asks. "Sure" I open the door and it's Jack and a girl I'm guessing is his girlfriend. "Hi, come in" I say.
"So you must be Jacks girlfriend?" I say.
" yes I am, I'm Gabriela"she responds. She seems super kind but I'm still jealous
" nice to meet you, I'm Zach"
We shake hands. We all hang out and I become good friends with Gabbie.

Gabbie's POV
I love hanging out with Zach. He's like my big brother. I see him staring at Jack a lot and I think he might like him. I also think Jack likes Zach. I kinda ship it. Maybe I can get them to get together. "Hey guys, wanna play truth or dare?" They both say " Yeah!" In sync. I don't really care about losing Jack as a bf because I like Jack more as a friend.

Sorry for the short chapter but I've been busy today. I'll make a longer chapter tomorrow. Hope you liked this chapter!💚

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