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"Thirty weeks pregnant, baby girl is thirty weeks, ten more weeks and she's going to be here" Ashton sang as I lifted my shirt.

"Remember, it's a little cold" he reminded me like every time, putting the stick to my stomach, making the baby pop onto the screen.

"And look at her" he spoke, almost amazed.

"Is her tongue out?" Luke laughed as Calum walked in wearing his scrubs with a smile.

"I think it is" Ashton laughed, zooming to her face.

"She's now starting to blink and dream, she's already in her position- everything is almost done" he smiled happily.

We listened to her heartbeat- which was normal.

"Heathy and happy baby" Ashton smiled out.

"When will you start checking dilation?" Luke asked, wiping my stomach for me.

"Well, If you're not feeling contractions and such I'm not going to check your dilation period, but if you have false pregnancy I'm going to check it." He spoke firmly, looking to me.

"So you just don't check it at all?" I questioned

Don't get me wrong, I didn't like the thought of checking my dilation, but I knew it was something that had to be done.

"If we make it to thirty eight weeks I will check you at that appointment just to make sure; but at that point you'll most probably already be dilating" he spoke.

"What if I'm not?" I asked, sitting up with the assistance of Luke.

"Then I'll schedule you to induce your labor" he spoke.

I nodded slowly, moving to stand, seeing Calum already pulling his phone out.

"But we do need to start discussing options soon" Ashton spoke out as I moved to the normal wall, standing at my normal angle with a small smile.

"What options?" I asked once Calum took the picture

"Such as breast feeding and not breast feeding- epidural and no epidural, the things we will need to know that day"

"Let's talk to mom first"

We all went to Calum's house, where Brantley immediately ran to us, avoiding Calum just to hug me.

I kissed his head, feeling both of his hands
hold the side of my belly.

"She's getting big" he smiled.

"She's almost here" Calum spoke, squatting with him with a small smile.

"I can't wait to meet her"

Mom soon joined us, we all sat in the living room together.

"I need your opinion on options" I breathed out.

"Okay" she nodded slowly.

"Breastfeeding" I spoke firstly.

"I breast fed you and Macey- you were both healthy and I didn't mind it" she shrugged lightly, making me look to Ashton

"There's your answer" I mumbled, seeing him smile.

"Epidural" I mumbled out

"Absolutely not" she spoke quickly.

"That shit has ruined my back to where it still hurts to this day-" "consider the fact that times have changed a lot in twenty something years- we have different technology and ways of doing it" Calum chimed in.

"I don't think it's worth the pain you'll experience" my mom shot towards him

"Well- this is one that isn't urgent, you can start off without one and if you feel too much pain and you decide you want one- I'll give it to you, no big deal" Ashton shrugged.

"It's a big deal" mom spoke quickly, making me almost roll my eyes

"You ask for my advice- you're going to take it"

"Well I'm certainly glad you're the one giving birth" 

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