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three weeks later

I was at my house

Letting tears freely flow down my cheeks

It was two in the morning

I hadn't slept over three hours in the past two days

I had a pain in my lower back that was shooting all the way down my leg.

I felt as if the baby was hiccuping- which would normally make me happy- but I was so miserable I couldn't even look at it positively.

I went through Twitter and Instagram.

I googled ways to sleep, which didn't help much.

I rubbed my eyes, suddenly getting a text from Luke

Why are you awake?

Baby is making me uncomfortable

Within minutes I heard my alarm go off- making me quickly sit up.

I panicked until I heard the beeps- making it turn off, only my boys knew the code.

I waited for a few moments, seeing Luke appear

"What are you doing awake?" I asked.

"I was watching Netflix and saw that you retweeted something, so I came to be with you" He spoke with a smile.

"What's uncomfortable?" He asked

"There's like a pain in my back and it goes all the way down my leg" I mumbled out.

"That's you sciatic nerve, her head is probably resting right on it" He spoke, rubbing right over where her head was.

He laid with me, turning on Netflix

We watched a few movies, he rubbed my back gently- which actually made things much better

I woke up to the sound of the alarm again- making both Luke and I sit up dramatically fast

I heard it go off, making Luke get up, peeking his head out the door- laughing immediately

"What are you doing here?" Ashton's voice spoke quietly

"We were up together since two this morning, she fell asleep around four and you just woke us up" he laughed out, making Ashton appear, smiling.

"Sorry, but you have an appointment in an hour"

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