The Way I Loved You, Epilogue

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He walked down from the stage with a proud lift of his chin, a diploma in his hand. He smiled when he saw a familiar face in the seas of people and walked faster, smiling wider. The smile on her face grew wider as he approached, her brown eyes beaming in approval.

“Congratulations!” Scarlet said, leaning in to hug him around the neck. “I’m so proud of you.” She stood on tiptoe to whisper, and Nick smiled.

“So am I.” He hugged her tightly, whispering into her hair.

Today was the day they both graduated from university. They both went to studying laws after high school’s graduation. Years went by and things changed, people grew up, all in a blink of an eye.

He lifted her up suddenly and she gasped. “Oh my god!” She cried, but her voice was barely a whisper, “What are you doing?” Blushing deeply she looked around the faces in the room and mumbled quietly, looking at his chest. “Your friends are watching.”

“Good. So the whole world knows you’re mine.” Nick said, grinning. There was the mischievous sparks in his eyes again, and he leaned in to kiss her. She didn’t stop him. Instead, she wrapped her arms around his neck firmly and kissed him back passionately, ignoring the stares from everyone else.

“Remember when I promised you a surprise, when we graduate, few months ago?” He said, when they finally pulled back from each other. She smiled and nodded, still in his arms.

“Lets go.”

Scarlet stepped out of the car slowly, blindfolded. She held onto Nick’s hand and heard him slamming the car door shut, before leading her away from it. Nervously, she bit her lips and asked, “Why do you have to blindfold me?”

She heard him chuckled. “Because it’s a surprise, silly.” He said calmly and lifted her up as he climbed the footsteps in front of the building. She smiled silently, Nick was always… full of surprises. She could only imagine what was waiting for her. Roses? Romantic dinners?

Because the next thing she saw was definitely one of the biggest surprises in her life.

Taking her blindfold off, she blinked a little before looking around the room. It was a church. And lying on the floor, were two hearts made of dozen of roses. They were all red, just the way they liked it.

She remembered joking about this with Nick months ago… She just never thought he would actually turn it into something real. Smiling, she bent down and touched the roses.

And gasped. Because in the middle of it sat a ring.

Nick appeared out of nowhere and picked it up, smiling. Scarlet stared at him in stunned silence, her eyes widened in amazement, shock and surprise. She watched him getting down on one knee as held the ring to her fingers.

“Scarlet Brennan,” He said, his dark eyes gleaming with hope. “Would you please marry me?”

Scarlet stood and stared, her mind racing back to the night where he’d said he loved her. And the sleepless nights they spent kissing each other, tossing and turning in each other’s arms until the first few streaks of the morning light shone into the apartment they bought together.

She got down on both knees and cupped his face gently. Smiling, she heard herself said the world that she’ll never regret in her whole life.

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

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