The Enemy Is My Mate

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Meet Abigail Martin, a sixteen year old girl who lives in California with her busy father, Chanson. She's a werewolf and in the most dangerous pack in the country, Blood Moon pack. Abigail's father is busy, but not too busy to keep an eye on his daughter

Meet Jason Firgo, a werewolf also, but in the most strongest pack in the world, Shining Crescent pack. He's eighteen years old and the alpha of Shining Crescent. His father died in a war between Blood Moon pack all Jason wants to do is to get revenge, but will someone stop him?

*Sneak Peak*
All I saw was red, just red I couldn't stop myself from running, but then I smelled the most amazing smell, it was intoxicating. Strawberry's, watermelon, and chocolate. "Mate." my wolf growled he was so hyped up, he took control, I felt my eyes turn dark.

We ran and ran until I saw her wolf, she was beautiful. Her Wolf's fur was white with red stripes. I growled what if she's in Blood Moon Pack?

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