The Way I Loved You, C8

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Chapter 8

She should have known it was all too good to be true. The next day Scarlet woke up, everything seemed to change. Everything she had with Nick. Slowly, bits by bits fading into nothing. For a start, she didn't get the usual ring of her cell phone every morning.

So he stopped calling. She wondered why, she was rushing through her breakfast this morning, thinking about reasons that he didn't call. Maybe he was sick. But right after what he told her about Noelle? Really?

Nick was standing on his front porch when she dash out from her house. She heaved out a sigh of relief when she saw her and waved. He smiled faintly and slow walked towards her. Scarlet bit her lip --- she was about to ask him about why he hadn't call, but the reason showed up itself by pulling a silver Mercedes in front of them.

In the car sat the beautiful goddess who was smiling like she owned this world, Noelle Khirkham. She took off her sunglasses, revealing her beautiful blue eyes underneath. Scarlet can't help but notice her long, sleek blonde strands that hung down her back smoothly. It was almost as if she never shows up in public without looking perfect. Every single cell and fiber of her was perfect, so much that she radiated that special aura around her whenever she walked, and the special air she possessed whenever she opened her mouth to talk.

To the point that it was so annoying. How could anyone be that close to perfection? And she wasn't dumb at all. Noelle wasn't your typical dumb cheerleader, she was pretty smart herself. And aside from that, she had a magnetic, killer personality that attracts almost everyone to her within a 3m radius.

Scarlet guessed it was safe to say that she hated her. She hated Noelle at this very moment. It bugged her that what Nick said had such a huge effect on her. He was her BEST FRIEND. She was supposed to be happy for him. But Noelle seemed... so superficial. And Nick wasn't like the type of guys who would fall for this kind of girls.

But if he doesn't, then what kind of girl he likes? Me? She insulted herself bitterly. Then it hit her ---- was it possible that she likes... Nick?

That was simply crazy. She would fall for someone who she had seen wearing diapers and eating his own boogers? Seriously? She hoped for a "no", but there was a sick feeling in her stomach. They had been in her stomach for the whole night ever since Nick told her about Noelle.

Butterflies? Get real.

She snapped back into senses when Noelle smiled sweetly at Nick. She flashed her pearly whites at him, which gleamed so much under the sunlight, Scarlet was sorry to notice. "Hey babe," Noelle said warmly. Babe? She already started calling him that?

And it didn't help much when Nick leaned in, and kissed Noelle on the cheek.

Scarlet felt her face turning hot for some reason. She hid her cheeks behind her wavy brown hair, biting her lips. She hoped no one would notice, but she had a feeling that Noelle did. She stared at Scarlet, her gaze lingered just a little longer at her reddened cheeks. "Hi Scarlet." Noelle said shortly, her smile faded just a little.

Nick turned around, looking awkward. "Noelle is giving me a ride," he said, "Come with us? Please?" He offered sincerely. His eyes looked desperate for the first time, as if he would die if Scarlet said no. He examined her face carefully --- probably to see if she was okay with his new found relationship.

Obviously, she wasn't. But it was okay, everybody lies.

Scarlet tried her best to smile. "Um, you guys go first, I think I forgot something." She said weakly and turned to open her door. "Scar...." Nick began, but his voice trailed off into nothing. Scarlet smiled through misery and said, "Yeah... just what I thought."

And she made a point by slamming the door shut.

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