The Way I Loved You, C2

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Chapter 2.

Sunlight streamed across the room from the thin curtains, pouring onto the old faded rug that Nick was sitting on. It looked washed out under the sunlight and even paler in color that it almost blend into the wooden floor underneath it. He stretched his legs out forward so that the soles of his feet were facing the large window that extended from the ceiling to the floor; a smile crept up to his face as his gaze fell on an identical window right across from his.

She was probably sleeping, the sleepyhead she is, he thought, as pressed the number one on his speed dial and put it to his ear, waiting for her to pick up. He had known her for... well, forever, and as far as he remembered, he had been giving morning calls since that one day she got detention for being late to school.

And strangely, he wasn't tired of it yet. Not at all. As if it never occur to him that why after all these years, she still wasn't capable of waking up by herself. Or an alarm clock. She could sleep through an elephant stampede if she wanted to. And she hugged her teddy bear, Bobby to sleep every single night, and she hardly wash it. She said it would get rid of the "familiar smell" of it.


"Hello...?" A soft, muffled voice came from the other end of the line. He could hear her yawning already --- it probably took up all the energy she just gained from the sleep, just to reach out her hand and picked up her phone. For her, it was that hard.

Nick smiled faintly. "Good morning."

"Morning." It was weird how you could actually hear... smiles in her voice. She chuckled a little as his head snapped back up from the rug he was looking at. He watched as her face peeked out from the curtains while she slowly pulling them open and grinned. She looked especially... well, dorky, in that pink strawberry pajama of hers that she should have thrown away after seventh grade. Her brown hair was so long that it hung down below her hips in loose waves in a weird way, and it always reminds Nick of mermaid.

But well, she's Scarlet.

"Now go eat already.” Nick said as he glanced at his watch, standing up and walking to the door. He turned around to see him rubbing her eyes with one hand, while holding Bobby in another.

"See you later." He said, "And.. we have chemistry test today." He added with a mischievous grin on his face. Probably a good thing that Scarlet couldn't see it, because the next second she started crawling through her closet, yelling at the phone that Nick knew much better to hold it few inches away from his ear, "Oh my god? Really? Holy crap. Where's my sweater? Oh god, is that a rat? I'm late, I’m late, I'm ------"

And dropped the phone on the floor.

Nick laughed, clearly enjoying the whole thing as he slipped his phone into his pocket. He walked to the door and looked back at his dorky best friend again, who started taking off her pajamas and obviously forgotten about closing the curtains again. He closed the door quickly behind him and headed downstairs, grinning in satisfaction.

Because there is no chemistry test today.

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