Luke Evans #2

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Dating Luke Evans would include...

- both being super family orientated.

- skyping/facetime when he's away because he loves seeing your face when you talk.

- him calling you Cariad or tywysoges.

- Probably also being welsh and old childhood friends.

- cast mates always making fun of how much stronger his welsh accent becomes when he talks to you.

- If you were also a celebrity you'd probably be a singer.

- Cwtch no other way to say it - it's not quite a hug but it's more then a cuddle (there is literally no english translation).

- Luke being overprotective alot, he knows you can look after yourself but he can't help himself.

- Basically being big children when your around each other.

- kinda feel like he'd give love bites while pretending to be a Vampire because he loves to show off his fangs.... plus that and the above statement.

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