Settling In Part 4

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19th July 2019 All Rights Reserved


Lila's POV...

My parents were understandably upset when we finally arrived home. They had already knew that something as up when packages started to arrive addressed to me at their home. Or should I say, my home. I didn't tell them when we were going to be arriving either. 

I just hired a car at the airport and drove home after getting the girls settled into the car seats I had to make sure were included in the cars rental.

I pulled up at the back door and the boys Dylan and Wyeth were outside checking eggs for the morning since that was when I planned the trip to arrive. That way, the girls may be a little lethargic from the trip, but they slept all night once they were in their seats. My little brothers went screaming for our mother who was quick to come out through the door before I even got the girls unbuckled out of their safety seats.

I smiled at them, my parents. I didn't say anything to them while all the kids were around. But later that night, I told them. I don't know who was madder, mother or father. Then they just coddled me and the girls who still thought that we were here on a long holiday.

I took a bit of time to rest up before I even thought about what I wanted to do. Actually, I already know what i wanted to do. I just needed a rest to think for a bit on how to do it here. It took a little while after talking to Mother. Then, once I had my priorities ready, I started looking.

I found myself a small old store to rent down one of the side streets a few blocks away from the main street in Twin Falls. It had an old world charm appearance that only needed painting to spruce it up a bit.

Since what I made was all handmade, I wanted the store to appear vintage. I also found that one of the girls I went to school with, not Janey, was also a handmade soapmaker who sells soaps and bath products in small batches. Coral, she comes in twice a week and brings some of her stock with her and sells them through my store on commission.

Sew and Soap is slowly getting a name for itself. But, Coral and I both agreed that we didn't want it to get so big that just running it was going to take more time than what we had available to man it.

So, Coral comes in twice a week to run the store and those two days I sew. Then she makes soap and such for the two days I work and the rest of the time we use spending it on our families.

The store is only open four days a week from nine to three.

Most people wanted to know why we only were open those hours. But we both had children and wanted to work the hours around the kids being in school. It works for us and since we are both happy with it, we don't give a hoot about what anyone else thinks about it.

Anyway, we have been back for six months. Jarrod has been over twice to see the girls and when the girls are going on school breaks, they will be heading off back to Australia. But not this first year. This first year, I wanted them both to settle here into the schools and life in the country since they were not supposed to be here growing up.

But they are, thanks to Jarrod. I was just grateful that he didn't say anything to me about that baby boy I heard he now has through his mother when she calls and talked to the girls. Those calls happen once a week. Sometimes, they call twice a week. But I allow the girls to call them whenever they want when the timing is right since Australia is ahead of us by about fourteen hours.

Right now, it is seven o'clock at night in Eastern Australia. Here, it is dawn, the morning of the same day. So, the girls will usually call about now back home to talk to the others before or just as their day is finishing. It is the one thing I never stop the girls from doing, calling their family back home.

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